More than a little nervous  

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8/18/2005 1:14 pm

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More than a little nervous

Well, we did the join thing last night and we are more than a little nervous. Nervous with anticipation but also nervous over whether this indeed works or what we may in for. We are not sure if we should bother paying for a membership, we've heard that there are more trolls,pro's and voyeuristic teasers who don't know what they really want in here than real people. I guess we'll find out.
After looking over our information we gave we are a little worried about how we come across. you know, you don't want to appear like freaks nor do you want to be thought of as idiots or whatever.
This whole thing came about because we both thought it might be fun to add some spice to our lives. We were both actually surprised that each other agreed. She didn't want him to think that she is now gay or something because she has little interest in another man nor did she want him to think that she was either too open to him having sex with just anyone nor did she want him to think that she was trying to push him way to another woman. I mean how do you say, honey, I think it's ok if we both want to experiment a little and I want you to be happy. I'm not interested in another man but it's ok if you want another woman.
He was totally surprised that she would go along with another female in the mix.
She (It's weird not no use our names but we don't know if we should or not) is not gay or even bi by any means and is totally straight but I guess you could say a little curious. After all, it's very hard to ignore the obvious beauty of another woman's body. She may try it or may not and if she does she may or may not ever try again. We think it depends on how it happens and with who.
He is happy with the current relationship but honestly wants to know how another woman feels and also thinks it would be fun to play in a threesome relationship. It may strike some as odd but he is actually not all that excited about girl on girl action, especially if he is not in the mix. He just wants her to experiment and have some if she wants.
We actually are not sure if what we are interested in exists. We don't want impersonal and robotic sex, in fact, we would rather not have sex and just do other things rather than slam bam ,thank you now get out. We can have sex with each other anytime so that's not the huge thing with us.

Should we be really concerned about cleanliness? I mean how do we all know if each other is clean? It's not worth dying over. Do we need to be concerned about discretion? We do live in a quiet neighborhood and our neighbors would seriously freak if they knew although some of them are probably members too!
Do people meet and tear their clothes off right then or do they go more slowly? Do these people ever see each other again? Typical newbie questions I suppose.
We don't really want just another set of tits and a pussy to play with, unless being a fuck toy is part of the role play ;^)
We'd much rather make a new friend even if it's only short term. We have minds and lives and also know that others do as well. We'd rather connect on multiple levels. I mean, having sex is a very intimate thing isn't it? If we wanted impersonal sex we could pay for an escort right?
Gee, now that we have again said too much all the wrong ways it's time to end.
We'll see how things go.

cumtulicu 53M
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8/21/2005 6:17 pm

well let me be the first to welcome you to AdultFriendFinder. You asked a lot of questions. And I'm not a pro but might have some insight. Take your time talk to pepole. There are some great groups to join and talk to. Becareful meet with someone some where away from home get to know them first before just invite to home. As a couple you have the power in here it seems that a couple can set up any type of partnership and get it. You advertise you want a male you'll have 10 to 20 say they will do you in about 30 min. And when looking for a female again a women feels safer with another women than a man. to answer some of your questions. Yes make sure condoms are used most are clean but never know. How fast you move is up to you sit and talk or go right at it. Most are very discret no worries there.Seeing some again is up to you some couples have one or two they call on. Some switch every week with some one new. Hope i answered some questions for you. Would love to talk with you more sooon let me know.

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