Finally...a fantasy........  

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Finally...a fantasy........

This one is actually a fantasy story i had written when i was a member of the Labyrinth (an exhibitionist posting site)
i had gotten to know most of the people fairly well and decided to have an orgy with them...~lol~
Here's part one......

*This is, of course...a work of fantasy....any resemblance
to any persons is purely a work of my own
wicked 'lil mind...if you resemble any of these
persons...then feel free to leave me some
comments...~grins~...just be nice!!!*


I quickly walked into the candlelit bar...long raincoat
covering my backside.....the dim sign outside had read "LA
YRINTH"....hmmmm...seems one bulb was completely burnt.

The frantic storm outside made me seek shelter in this
place. The wild wind had whipped my mane even wilder than
it was before....the heavy droplets of rain slithered
across my skin....into my deep cleavage, making me shiver
once or twice before ducking into a door in the shadows.

The music was soft and low and i heard gentle laughter from
one of the corner booths. I turned and eyed the most
beautiful oriental woman sitting with two men....a very
handsome man of caucasion persuasion on the left side...and
the most awesome and formidable looking negro on her right.
All in all, they made a delicious looking threesome.

I shook my head and gathered my thoughts. Why on earth was
i thinking that? What made that idea cross my mind?

The fact that the large black man was licking her soft
neck? Or the idea of the other man beside her leaning into
her deep for all eyes to see.

Not that any one could actually see in this was
so dark. The flickering candlelight served all well though,
as the flames danced wickedly....casting interesting
shadows here and there.

I heard a deep, resonating laughter behind me....turning
slowly i looked into the richest and deepest brown eyes i
had ever seen.

I smiled and lowered my head as my hand came up to caress
the silver collar around my throat.

He reached for me and my body trembled even at the
slightest hint of His touch.....He whispered to me......

"Did you wear what i requested?"

I felt the blush rise in my cheeks as i nodded silently and
tucked the heavy raincoat closer around my waist.....

He laughed......

"And why are you flushed, my dear?"

I shook my head...wanting to ask a million questions but
not knowing exactly what to say or how to say it.....all i
know is that the tone of His voice and the touch of His
hand made my clit throb uncontrollably.....

I stuttered over a sentence that tried to escape my lips
and He laughed....leaning over to whisper in my ear.....

"What is it that you want to ask me?"

I whispered.......

"why here?"

He laughed and nodded His head....whispering into my ear
again....His heated breath making my back arch
involuntarily....His voice making my clitoris swell to
immense proportions.....

"Because this is where i want you to be....with Me....this
is one of your fantasies.....about to come true"

I shivered moreso as He reached for the raincoat....pulling
the collar away from my bare and glistening wet fell in a puddle to my bootclad
legs......leaving me completely naked besides the boots and
His silver collar........

I whimpered softly...not knowing quite what to feel....i
lowered my nipples hardened immediately as the
cool air from the wind outside caressed them. Another
formidable figure came from the shadows and pulled the door
shut....locking it.....

Master laughed as He took His first drink......setting mine
before me.....

I sat on the cool naked ass exposed to any and
all behind me. His hand slid around my waist.....warm
fingers tickling my naked and shivering flesh.....

There was a fireplace in the midst of the room......various
colored cushions and pillows tossed around it in a circle.
A handsome and well built man wearing only blue jeans was
pushing the lead poker into the logs as he lit the flame.

I peeked around Master's arm and eyed the gaze
crawling slowly over his bared chest....his firm ass in
those snug fitting jeans.

My nipples hardened once again as my heavy breasts pushed
into the leather material surrounding the bar. I squirmed a
bit in my seat as my swollen lips made contact with the
leather beneath me.....leaning forward a bit so that my
hard clit would make contact as well....i watched the man
at the fire.

Mmmmm....those button~flys did look sooo familiar and i
gasped aloud...choking on my drink as Master called his

"Jimbo.....would you mind coming over here for a second"

I know i was blushing profusely as the drink continued to
catch in my throat and i was silently gasping for air. I
swallowed quickly and peeked around Master's arm
again...watching Jimbo as he came closer...with such a
wicked grin on his face and the most beautiful bulge in his
button~fly jeans!!

I remembered my nakedness and lowered my head....trying to
hide behind Master's arm this time. I heard the laughter
from both men as Jimbo approached slowly.....circling me
from behind.

I could feel his gaze burning into my naked ass and the
heat permeating from him. Master stood and they shook
hands. Jimbo turned to me with the sweetest smile as he
leaned over and placed a heated kiss on my neck. I shivered
silently and found the courage to a
whisper.....slowly raising my eyes to meet the gaze of the
man before me that i had only seen in pictures.

As our gaze locked i felt a boldness wash over
back straightened and my ass jutted out a bit
more....pushing my clit directly into the leather beneath
me. I shivered violently and he laughed. Master stood back
in the shadows as Jimbo slowly came closer to me....he
whispered to me......

"Look down"

I did...and gasped!! His cock was huge and obviously hard
beneath the fabric of the jeans. My mouth watered instantly
and my long tongue darted out hungrily. I turned and caught
the admiring gaze of Master and saw a brief nod...a wicked
gleam in His eyes....He whispered.....

"Go with him"

I stood....trembling on weak knees....trying to regain my
balance as Jimbo held his arms out for me. He circled my
waist with one arm and held my hand with the
other....leading me to the cushions before the fire. My
gaze drifted off around the room and i was surprised at the
people i saw. Some were watching Jimbo and i as we made our
way to the fireplace.....others were involved in their own
partners....some two, some mind drifted away
and i felt almost euphoric.

I realized that i wasn't the only one naked in the dimly
lit room. There were many moans and soft whimpers drifting
out of the shadows. I shuddered...feeling a slight panic as
i turned and frantically sought out my Master......He was
directly behind me....following us.......

I eyed a thick, purple cushion that was to my liking and
slid slowly down onto it...pulling Jimbo with me along the
way and licking my lips...a bit of a growl catching in my
throat. Master slid to the left of me and i turned to watch
the beautiful oriental woman moving our way as
well...followed by the two men. She came and sat directly
in front of me....legs slightly parted giving me a preview
of her wetness as she spoke.

"Hello, my name is Susan and you must be Rae!!"

I laughed quietly and nodded my head.....i knew had seen
this beauty somewhere before!! I turned my gaze to the man
sitting beside her....he was wearing a t~shirt and nothing
else.....i felt myself blush a bit as he
laughed...following my gaze to his erect cock. Susan
introduced this man to be her husband....Danny...and the
other man as a friend of theirs...his name was Charles.....

I smiled over at Charles and a gasp caught in my
throat....his cock was definately hard!! It was huge!!!

My head started spinning as someone handed me another drink
and Susan laid back before me....her dark legs spread
open....her wetness glistening...leaving silken trails down
the inside of her thighs. Her husband caught my gaze as his
head lowered and his tongue caressed her stomach....his
gaze locked into mine as he snaked his way down to the
inside of her thighs...resting a bit on her swollen
clit.....flickering back and forth...slowly......

I watched as my breathing became more heart
beating rapidly...almost in my throat...

More figures moved from the shadows.....they were all
men....and Susan and i???

I turned quickly and looked at Master....the gleam was
still in His eyes....and He was now naked......

~the end~

~for now~

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