Continuation of "Finally....a fantasy......"  

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Continuation of "Finally....a fantasy......"

I sat back on the cushion quite comfortable and heated. My legs spayed out before me, slightly crossed at the ankles; I watched Danny and his wife. Her legs were spread and her glistening cunt was directly in my view, as well as her husband’s eyes. He was still locked into my gaze as his tongue slowly licked the inside of Susan’s thighs, leaving glistening wet trails along her dark skin. I watched as everyone around me seemed to disappear. I could hear voices, soft and whispering. I could hear whimpering cries and passionate moans coming from the shadows around me. My clit throbbed wildly and I felt the wetness seep from my tightness. I moaned as my ankles slowly uncrossed. I gasp softly as the heated air from the flames around us slide along my leg to the inside of my thighs, adding to the heat.
I heard a voice, low and deep, telling me to lie back. I saw a shadowy figure move beside me as the one behind me remained where he was. I lie back slowly, adjusting my body so that I wouldn’t lose the view before me. Danny licked her cunt wildly, his face was now buried in her heat and he was no longer watching me. He was watching the look on his beautiful wife’s face as she moaned and writhed before him, arching her back. Charlie was on his knees next to Susan’s face and I saw another figure proceed to her left side, the name tag stuck to his naked chest read “Bill”. His cock was rock hard and stiff, making it’s way quickly to Susan’s open mouth. Danny buried his face deeper into his wife as a mouth unexpedtedly found it’s way to my arched neck. I drew back and gasped quietly as I fought with the notion of watching Danny, Susan, Charlie and Bill, or turning to see who my lover was.

Danny and Susan won this one as I watched. Susan reached
around and grabbed the immense cock of Charlie while slowly
taking the other man’s hard cock into her mouth. Danny’s
tongue was dancing wildly on his wife’s clit as the tongue
at my neck was dancing wildly along my shivering skin. My
legs were spread wider still as my swollen cunt~lips begged
for attention, my clit pounding with the beat of my heart.
Susan’s back arched as she turned to swallow Charlie’s cock
while jacking off Bill wildly. I could hear her passionate
moans between swallows and my hand reached down to touch my
clit. I heard in a whisper, a voice deep and low, directly
behind me.


I pulled my hand back and whimpered a soft moan as the
mouth at my neck started licking it’s way down to my hard
nipple. I jumped and gasped again as I felt a firm finger
pushing against my hard clit. I quickly looked to my right
side and saw the man in the shadows set down a glass and
then turn back to me, his hand still pushing against my
clit. His arm was in the way of my show so I turned a bit
to the side, allowing the other mouth more freedom to lick
and suck and bite. A finger pushed quickly into my wetness
and I cried out as the depth of me was invaded. He was firm
and he felt so damn powerful, my clit threated to explode
on contact. Master’s voice again, deep and low………..


I gasp as He read my body from such a distance. It was
truly remarkable the way He could seem to know what I was
feeling. His power behind me more awesome than the two
lover’s at my side. This made me more fucking horny as I
pushed onto the man with ginger ale on his breath. His lips
came down hard and almost cruel on mine as he fucked me
with his finger. I closed my eyes forgetting for a bit
about the view until I heard another voice. I looked around
the arm between my legs and saw Danny speaking.

His wife was still writhing before my lust~filled gaze, but
his face wasn’t in her cunt anymore. His finger was working
slowly in and out of her glistening pussy. The finger
inside of me fucked me harder still as the other mouth bit
down gently on my nipple. I quickly sneaked a

My eyes closed for an instant and then opened again as I
watched more movement before me. Danny was rising up on his
arms as Susan took her mouth away from Charlie’s cock. I
could hear soft whispers and then Susan looked directly
into my eyes. She looked back at her husband and her head
nodded quickly, she then looked back at me. I heard
Master’s voice again……………

“Max, spread her lips”

Mmmmm….Max was his name, eh? I grinned a little bit as Max pulled his finger from my soaking wet cunt, spreading my lips. My clit was pounding wildly and I cried out. I saw Susan rise up onto her elbows and turn her ass over, kneeling almost directly before my open and wet pussy. Her gaze was now locked into mine as her tongue teasingly traced wet trails along the inside of my thighs. I bucked my hips involuntarily as her breath reached my swollen lips, my throbbing clit. Master had moved over to where Danny was seated. I heard exchanged whispers and then I saw Danny nod. Master moved over to Susan’s ear, I heard his voice deep and low and I saw her back arch. I knew the reaction all too well and my pussy ached knowing and remembering.

Remembering how His voice had brought me to such an intense
orgasm. Only His voice and His fingers pounding inside of
my drenched cunt. I could only imagine what Susan was
feeling as He spoke to her, gently guiding her tongue with
His voice. I saw her back arch again as Charlie moved
directly behind her, burying his face and tongue in her

She cried out against my wet lips as I felt both of the cocks at either side of my face. I turned to one and gasp and then the other, gasping louder as my mouth opened. Max buried his cock deep into my throat with one push as Susan clamped onto my big clit firmly. I tried to cry out, but the size of the hard cock in my throat was too much and I bit down…..gently but firmly. He gasp this time and pulled back a little bit as I encircled the other hard cock with my fingers. ~I laughed softly thinking….that’s more like it~
Susan pushed her face deeper into my pussy and cried out a guttural moan as Charlie obviously pushed his hard, dark meat into her from behind. I turned back to the cock to the right of me, now giving it the attention he deserved. I opened my mouth and grasped the huge shaft, slowly licking the head….encircling it with my long tongue….pushing into the underside of the head and nipping gently once again.

I heard a very unexpected voice calling from the shadows…….

“Ann!!!! Where are those damn lightbulbs??”

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