What the....  

CreativeWriter 48M
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3/7/2006 1:06 pm
What the....

In the category of what the hell...

How does the ipod and itunes not have a check links feature. (that is if you move your music around or delete a song from your hard disk). Why wouldn't they have a "verify" button that would simply check to see if the files still exist and if not, delete them from the itunes "library".

Sigh, seems it's just a plan to ensure you move all your files into the "itunes" folder so it can control them. But in the windows environment, I already have a my music section and I want the ipod to look there. If the music moves, then don't show it in my library. Seems simple enough.

Ok, so that is the end of my rant for the day.

Continuing on the ipod theme. Has anyone noticed that in the top 25 "audiobooks" section erotic voice stories are popping up!

Well I say, aren't we all naughty. Riding on the subway with the sounds of a good fuck in our ears. Now that is what I call travelling music!

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