The Loft - Chapter 2 ... what happens when you love art  

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The Loft - Chapter 2 ... what happens when you love art

This is a continuation of my story called the Loft, found earlier in my blog.

Chapter Two - Set-up

When I turned the corner, I stopped dead in my tracks and my mouth must have hit the floor with a resounding "thud".

Rebecca was sitting demurely on the edge of the pull down bed, a very very light blanket lightly cascading across and over her body, which appeared to be decidely naked under the light fabric.

Before, spilling the coffee, I managed to right myself and mumble something like "hear you go, coffee" hoping to god that Rebecca would stand right up and come and get it, but dreading my reaction if she indeed did.

Robin saved me by bounding around the large canvas that she had set-up, and grabbed the coffee out of my hands.

"Not bad eh!" she said teasingly

Once again, my face began to burn, and I quickly tried to head back out of the studio to hide my obvious discomfort.

"Not so fast pilgrim." Robin laughingly yelled "I've got a problem and I need your help this morning"

I turned still burning red, and smiling sheepishly, agreed to help her fix whatever she needed help with, thinking that she needed a hand, adusting drop cloths or backdrops, anything to keep my mind off our beautiful houseguest. I moved forward grapping a tarpeline, and asked where she wanted me to place it.

"Oh not that honey, I've got that all fixed, ummm, my second model called while you were in the shower, so I need a stand in." Robin grinned

I repeated her words slowly not registering "A stand-in?"

"Yup, and Rebecca has agreed to let you be it"

It slowly dawned on me that she wanted to have me in the painting too, and I turned to gaze once again at Rebecca unsure of myself in the presence of two such stunning women. Rebecca looked back at me smiling and nodded.

Robin had often sketched and painted me before, but in all of those times I had never posed for a formal portrait. Most times, I would be busy doing something only to raise my head to realize that Robin was busy sketching away. she always said how interesting my face was and how much she loved to capture it, when it was deep in thought, trying to figure out what I was thinking on paper.

"Come on" Robin poked me in the side "it'll be fun, and besides you have never posed for me either, so it's about time you did that too"

Of course, I was eager to do it too, evertime I turned to look at Rebecca I wanted to do it, her smiling face seemed so bright and eager. But, I still had no idea what was hiding under that sheet, and if it was what I thought it was, I wondered how I would be able to do it without embarrassing myself any more than I had already.

"Ok, Ok" I finally said "I'll do it"

Robin and Rebecca laughed at once. "I knew you would, now strip" Robin said

"What!" I was getting to believe my face would just burn up as it once again flushed bright red. "I.. I, umm..."

"Well you don't think that Rebecca is going to pose nude if your not" Robin stated matter of factly, touched with a wicked wicked grin.

Now I was in real trouble. I knew that if I didn't strip this morning would come to a grinding halt, and It would take weeks, maybe months to make it up to Robin. But I also knew that If I did, I might have alot more explain to do. My quick glances at Rebecca had indeed created a stir in my loins, and I feared that given any breeze at all down there, it would end up being more than a stir.

I decided quickly to go the direct route. Throwing my hands up in the air and feinting mock horror, I moved quickly towards the bed, and jumped in. I pulled clothes off quickly and rolled around in the bed laughing and pulling sheets this way and that, hoping that the speed and action would hide my growing excitement, finally finishing the task and crawling in behind Rebecca who remained giggling on the edge of the bed. I smiled hoping that the pile of sheets I had managed to arrange over me would adequately cool my desire.

Robin stood silently smiling for a moment, surveying both of us as we sat on the bed wrapped in blankets. She nodded slowly, and went and grabbed her polariod camera she uses to capture models positions, so she can paint over more than one day. Snapping a few.

"Ok, you two ready" She grinned. "Rebecca I want you to sit on the foot of the bed, your knees up against your chest, your feet on the bed"

"Brian, I need you to move in behind her and wrap your arms around her shoulders. Rebecca, move your arms around your knees. Yes, that it" Robin continued to direct us into the positions she wanted.

I moved closer to Rebecca and wrapped my arms around her, feeling electric shocks travel up my arms as our naked skin touched. Feeling my body reacting to the closeness of our bodies and very very glad that piles of blankets covered us still.

As we got into positions, I notice that Robin, kept moving us a little this way, then a little that way, each time moving forward to adjust the sheets that covered us. I noticed that Rebecca's was moving noticablely lower, and mine was starting to disappear from between us. Then with a wild tug and a "this is not working" Robin fully pulled away my blankets and pushed my body up against Rebecca to support her.

I caught my breath sharply, a sudden panic attack, as I felt my now very very hard cock press firmly against Rebecca's back. I though I heard a slight sigh from Rebecca, but neither Rebecca nor Robin seemed to care a whit and continued to go about the business of posing" Robin pulled Rebecca's sheet down to her ankles exposing her body, though most ofit was covered by her knees and our arms. Slowly, my panic eased as Rebecca didn't run screaming from the room calling my a slimy pig or something. I started to feel incredibly guilty of my own reaction. thinking to myself how professional Rebecca and Robin were. Just going about there business, not bothering about the creep that couldn't keep is cock down.

Robin stepped back from the bed, nodded once and winked at us. "now you two, just relax and have a good time while I paint."

I must have blushed again, because Robin laughed and moved back behind the canvas.

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