The Loft - Chapter 1  

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3/6/2006 1:04 pm
The Loft - Chapter 1

Chapter One: prelude

I woke to the usual Saturday morning sounds. Furniture being dragged this way and that, the ripple of fabric as a painters backdrop was erected, the tinkle of brushes being washed in a jar. I had to smile, as I lay back in bed, propping my hands behind my head and laying still, hearing everything that had become so familiar over the last several months.

I had met Robin at a conference for non-profit organizations, the usual boring kind where everyone sits in the sessions and tries to impress everyone else with what their agency was doing. Robin had certainly caught my eye almost immediately, as she walked confidently to the registration table. She was radiant, her long brown hair shimmering and framing her wonderful smile, a dazzling flash as she smiled to the registration table. I couldn't help but stare at her, and found myself quickly looking away when she turned to look out at the gathering crowd. But there was something special about her, a devilish twinkle that made her professional dress and manner seem somewhat playful and mysterious.

After casting many quick glances her way, I silently began to pray that we might be in some of the sessions together. Hoping for the chance to get close to her, and gaze deep into her eyes and see just how mischievous she might be.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed my shoulder, and an old friend saying hi shook me from my thoughts. I lost Robin in the crowd and slowly fell into the conversation at hand, my thoughts drifting back to that brief spark that I had thought I glimpsed before turning away in embarrassment, hoping that I might run into her again sometime soon.

As fate would have it, I did run into her again, right into her. I was busy trying to find my afternoon session later on that same day, my head down and buried in my notes for an upcoming presentation, I never did see her as I turned the corner and bumped into someone in my path. Papers flew everywhere and as I tried to apologize and gather my presentation together all at the same time, I heard a voice laughingly say "your just so damn cute down there".

Looking up, red faced and totally embarrassed by my own clumsiness and the comment, I saw that indeed I had run right into Robin again.

"Robin Young" she said while extending her hand gracefully. "and you would be..."

"Very pleased to meet you Robin, I'm Brian Hillier. " standing and firmly taking her hand and flashing a smile of my own. "since I'm feeling really quite geeky right now having stumbled all over you, might you let me take you to dinner tonight."

"Sure, especially since it's a scheduled event anyways" she replied mocking my attempt at being suave.

Feeling like any wind had been knocked out of my sails, I quickly gathered the rest of my things and managed to say sorry once more, and agreed to meet her in the dining room for the conference dinner event.

Robin appeared at the top of the stairs of the loft bedroom, bringing me back to from my memories. She smiled so gently and sweetly, before pouncing on me with a laugh. I was still shocked that we were together after that bumbling stumbling meeting.

"wake up wake up you lazy slob"

I pulled her into my arms feinting a playful wrestle and slowly turned her over to lie above her, locking my lips to quell the giggling. Slowly our bodies started to blend and melt into each other. Snuggling into each other so perfectly the kiss deepening becoming more passionate. My hands sliding beneath her loose sweatshirt and tracing up the sides of her spine, pressing hard into the muscles as they moved slowly upwards. Robin's hips arched against me, pressing against my growing excitement and teasingly rotating against it. As I reached under her and pulled her up on top of my lap, the doorbell rang and she gasped "oh my god, I forgot... get dressed we have a guest coming" pushing me down on my back, she bounced off the bed and rushed down the staircase to door.

Lying on my back, I sighed, looking around the loft to try and find some clothes. "well they say timing is everything" I thought to myself as I struggled into some baggy plaid pants noticing that they did nothing to hide my previous excitement. I went to the closet and searched for a shirt that might be large enough to "cover" myself better. From downstairs I heard Robin doing a tour and describing some of her painted works that covered the loft walls.

"I've set up the studio over here, so that the sun will create some wonderful shadows as it streams through the windows." "Brian is upstairs right now, but he's a teddy bear don't worry about him, he'll be down in a sec to say hi."

Giving up on my search, and feeling that I wasn't too exposed anymore, I decided that Robin's comment was my cue to make the grand entrance.

When I reached the main floor, I headed to toward the studio.

The loft itself was a fabulous space, mainly open, it had 18 foot ceilings that had allowed us to create a functional multi-tiered living area. As you entered the loft, we had enclosed the entranceway with glass block, creating a foyer that had passages leading to the left and to the right. Moving to the right led down a hall on an angle, creating a triangle in the corner that held one washroom and storage above it. The hall continued around a corner and led into the studio, or when a bed was pulled down from the wall a second bedroom for guests. A staircase led back along the inside of the hall and led to a loft office. One entire wall was covered in windows. Walking along the windows led to a large open area that encompassed the dining area and a living room with a gas fireplace against the far wall. In the centre of the room, under the suspended office was the kitchen, and against the far wall overhanging the living room was the loft bedroom with a den beneath it. The entire area was decorated in neutral colours to enhance the vibrant colours in Robin's artwork that adorned the walls. At night, the windows overlooked a beautiful landscape of lights from the nearby city.

As I walked into the studio, I could see Robin busying herself getting paints, and brushes ready, and her guest standing by the window looking out over the city. She was very attractive I thought guiltily. With long red hair cascading down just past her shoulders, green eyes, and a trim, strong, fit look. My eyes traveled down her body admiring how round and supple everything seemed despite the obvious athleticism. Robin saw me, gawking and I finally caught her staring at me with a wicked smile on her face. I must have turned twenty shades of red, before she finally let me off the hook by speaking.

"Ahhh, and here is Brian now, let me introduce you to Rebecca, Rebecca this is Brian, Brian - Rebecca"

I moved forward shaking Rebecca's hand and welcoming her to our loft, making small talk until Robin announced she was ready and ushered me out of the studio.

"Go get us some coffee, actually a latte would be perfect. now get!" Robin patted me on my butt as she moved me towards the kitchen.

I busied myself making coffee, overhearing the conversation in the other room and smiling despite myself when Rebecca mentioned me, complimenting Robin on having someone like me around.

I moved back to the bedroom and took a shower while the coffee was brewing. I was just coming out of the shower when I heard Robin calling me to see if the coffee was ready. I hurried downstairs and yelled back that it would be a sec, and gathered together a couple of mugs. I headed back toward the studio….

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