What is that noise?  

Cre8iv176 39M
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3/25/2006 1:16 pm
What is that noise?

That's what I was asking myself as I was trying to fall asleep last night/this morning. Where the hell is that coming from? I have now had my first 'thin walls' experience in my new apartment. Evidently, the guy who lives in the apartment that backs up to mine had hot little lady over...and over...and over again last night. She was enjoying every minute of it, too! They had three 15 to 30 minute sessions...needless to say I didn't get to sleep until they did! I didn't expect it to happen, but listening to her moaning, yelling "Oh, God," and "Fuck Me!", and her toe-curling cum-scream got my dick just as hard as if she were in bed with me! Sure, I'll admit it...my cock got super hard, and I started stroking it. It isn't like I had much of a choice...I couldn't mute the sound, I wasn't about to beat on the wall, and secretly, I kinda liked it! I could tell that they were going at it like bunnies. Her moans kept getting closer and closer together, then she'd let loose a gutteral scream that sounded like she was cumming harder than she ever has in her life. I couldn't help trying to imagine the look on her face as she was getting fucked next door. I almost wanted to walk around to see if they'd let me join them...but I decided that probably wasn't a very good idea, especially since I haven't met any of my neighbors yet. Stroking my cock while listening to her was just what I needed to help myself get to sleep. I had a great orgasm just as she was quieting down, then I fell straight to sleep. I can't wait until I can give them an audio-show at 2 in the morning... Anyone want to give me a hand? ...or a tongue...or a sweet wet pussy...? I'm sure we can make just as much, if not more niose than they did!

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