Long day  

Crazy_Sexy_C00L 36M
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4/2/2006 11:28 pm
Long day

KRM returned my call today. We met at school and we have become pretty good friends. She was moving. She never asked for my help but it was given without any thought. KRM has her own time system. It is pretty hard to understand unless you are her If it was any other way she wouldn't be KRM.
I helped her move the last time. Each time it is quite the experience. I will post a picture of the "clean" side of her room. As usual she said it would take three hours to get done but that really ment nine. Oh well, Ramsey is Ramsey.
Her friend JT was turning me one when she wanted to fist fight me. I had to turn her down since I couldn't do that unless I was wearing boxing gloves. I wouldn't want to hurt her even though she said liked to moch. You have to play safe and set rules when doing things like that.
I missed out on some serious study time but I am always there for my friends. Plus the weather was wonderful today. You can't ask for much more, good friends, good weather, and a fun time.
Well, I am really tired now and need to get some sleep for my classes tomorrow.

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