Another full day  

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4/5/2006 2:33 am
Another full day

I started the day with an email from Dr. A in Egypt. It is appears I missed some paper work needed for my trip to Egypt. Getting that done took up most of the day. These international calls to Egypt are starting to add up. Once I got that straightened out it was off to the health clinic for my pre-trip physical. The doctor was a little too happy. He reminded me of David Van Driessen, the hippie teacher in Beavis and Butthead but more spooky. As always, I had a complete bill of health. He did suggest some vaccinations I should get before I go. They aren't necessary. I am going to get them just to be safe. This Egypt trip has me so excited. I can't wait to see the pyramids, the temple of Amun-Re, and the Royal City of Amarna built between 2650 and 2152 BC. God I love history. We will be taking a cruise up the Nile for at least three days. I think this will be the most exciting part of the trip. I want to pet a Nile crocodile. Yes, you heard me right. Almost everyone thinks I am crazy when I say this. The entire crocodilian family is fascinating to me. I doubt I will get the chance but am going to try anyway. It will make for a good story. Luckily crocodilians are like cheap sports cars; they go really fast in a straight line but can't corner worth a damn.
I finally found a few minutes to call J who I met online. She was upset because her dog had to go to the vet. Poor guy. He was a bulldog nicknamed Uga. I can only assume it is a spin off the University of Georgia at Athens' (UGA) mascot. After using some of my charm I was able to brighten her mood a bit. J is one naughty girl for sure! I like it that she gets to turned on over really kinky stuff. We'll get along quite well. The two and half hour phone call climaxed in some good cybersex. I haven't done that in years. Surprisingly I came in only twenty or thirty minutes. It was quite a record. I think her kinkiness level helped that a long. I left a small stain on the wall two feet away when I came. I should have known better than to be standing up facing the wall when I came. Powerful climaxes are something I am known for. Hopefully no one will notice it when I move out of the dorms After that I feel right asleep.
I going to try to post a picture with each blog entry. I ran out of ideas today so I am posting a picture of the toy I got in my happy meal today. If you look at the menu in McDonalds you will noice that a hamburger, small fries, and a small drink cost $1 each. A happy meal is $2 and you get a prize. I think that deal is a no brainer.

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