My girly girl encounter with Harmony  

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5/26/2005 7:16 pm

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My girly girl encounter with Harmony

Harmony is an old friend of mine. She had asked me to experiment with her~ that is she was looking to be with a woman for the first time but was unsure as to her reatcion and after thinking about it and its implications on our friendship I went through it. We went out~ we where really tipsy and of course the night started. We simply kissed to begin with then went on to mkae out and it went further and further as the night went on. It was a lot of fun and you know what happened? The whole time I was fantisizing about my boyfriend. I love him and she I do not so it is a big difference in how it feels. The thrill of that moment was hot and for my bnoyfriend great to hear about but it is one that will not be repeated with her~ however as far as the rest of the population of women that I may have a possibility to be with it is fully on! LOL~ I do love to be with women! Smiles


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