Bach's Mass in B minor "Agnus Dei"  

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4/22/2005 11:02 pm

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Bach's Mass in B minor "Agnus Dei"

That is a typical mezzo-soprano solo but counter tenors also do this~ in fact I hear more of them sing it than Mezzo's but whos counting? Well, apperantly me! LOL~ I am going to audition for this peice in a few weeks. I am bit nervous for he expects improvement from my last gig with him. The last time I sang in the "Serenade to Music" by Ralph Vaugh Williams~ It is basicly this peice with many soloists and I was one of them. I had a great time! I had two solos in it~ there where a lot of soloists for it was written for like 15 soloists. Well, thats enough of that~ I can talk about all this for a long time.....LOL~ smiles


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