All Men~ Question: Would you like a girl that.....  

CrazyCoolBiFem 39F
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4/24/2005 1:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All Men~ Question: Would you like a girl that.....

Would you like a girl that........................
1. Would dress up for you (lingerie etc.)
2.Try to fufill your wildest fantasies....I mean even that ever sought after menage a trois.
3.Loves to give oral to you
4.Loves anal
5.Will do it in the outdoors~ many scenarios! Mountains~ Lakes~ Forests~ Desert~ etc.
6.A woman who wouldn't mind it if there was others watching.
7.A woman who would perform for you
8.Back to the giving oral~ A woman who is good at oral because she is a professional singer and knwos how to work the muscles to give you more pleasure...

Now tell me~ Is this kind of woman valuable?


nightstogether 56M

4/24/2005 8:02 am

Only if she also has a smidgen of intelligence and can perform outside of the bedroom too.

private-intellectual (.de)

darkman92821 52M
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4/30/2005 2:52 pm

Hey, when can we meet?

pussyeaterxxx2 36M
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4/30/2005 7:44 pm

All of the things that you mentioned are good but the most valuable thing is whether or not she and i are able to interact with each other outside of the bedroom unless it's on a friends with benefits type basis but even then it's more of a convenience than a value unless your both looking to take it further than f.w.b

CrazyCoolBiFem 39F
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4/30/2005 9:22 pm

Awh~ so refreshing to hear to gentlemen! Yay! Positive~


lupon_69 43M

5/4/2005 10:43 pm

hmmm, all very good point's, and I do agree

rm_oralmale69 58M
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11/4/2005 12:59 am

All i have to say is HELL YA, hit it right on the head. The only thing you left out is Bi. A Bi woman with all those quailities can't be beat (unless she want to OK, that was the smartass in me coming out.

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