What am I doing??  

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11/5/2005 8:28 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What am I doing??

Oh no I am being reflective. I guess what gets me about this site, is that there appears to be different motives. It looks like the majority of men are just looking to fuck. It also appears that they will say anything to achieve that goal. Fake pics are ones taken years ago. Hey guys I am 48 and lost most of my hair. But, I am proud to be me.

Ladies look for more. Maybe romance. I see alot of them looking for their one true love. I dont think there is much chance of that. I do wish u luck though. I love the hooker ads. The ones from NJ are the young white girls saying they are in Newark or Paterson. C'mon Spammers wake up.

There are a few that are here who seem to be like me. I am not here to "fuck" anyone. Due to my circumstances I havent had made love in a long time. Just no one that has stimulated me. That is mentally too. I would like someone to talk too that just for those few minutes takes away the stress of the day. Someone to joke with and put a smile on her face.

Sorry I am not my usual jolly self tonight. Just have a few things on my mind.

Freakin woodpecker too

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