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5/22/2006 12:19 pm

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I find it very difficult to send messages on here. Actually in any venue. Too me its rude just to say message someone out of no where. But, I think thats how it works on here. Wait, I may get rejected oh shit. Funny thing is I am still pursuing all this sex shit. Through the years I have been with close to a hundred women. Yep thats right. Sounds like I lie. It isnt. Sounds like I am bragging. I am not. Actually I maybe a little ashamed of it. But there are various reasons I have attained this number. Some women have said there is just something about me. A swagger, an attitude. They even admit it confuses em but they wanted to fuck me any way. On the other side of it it shows what a selfish SOB i was when younger. It was all about me. I think that has passed. I have no clue what point I am trying to make.

blondietickler 43F
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5/22/2006 1:11 pm

well keep trying. if at first you don't suceed then try and try again.

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