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11/4/2005 11:22 am

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Hey fellow sex fiends!!! Whats up. Beautiful day in NJ. Been so warm we still have alotta leaves on the tree's. I go outside and sit by my Koi Ponds. I tell u me and the dogs. It really doesnt get any better then that. I notice alot of people in the world place their happiness in their sex life. If I did that I would be distraught. Right now I have no sex life LOL. My marraige is a paper one now. She had an affair. Whats funny about that is I was almost accepting of it. In fact, after I became aware of it. I told her I understood, just dont rub my face in it. Which she proceeded to do. I have responsibility in her affair too. I was neglectful and held some resentments against her and her family which I was quite vocal about. Her timing sucked though. My father was dying of cancer. She also took my kids on dates with her. Yes, I am still in the house, but, I wont touch her. My kids are doing so well and any mention of my leaving freaks em out. So I sleep in a different room and do what I have too.

Ok enough whining, but there is a piece of me.


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