Picnicing? Is that like being on your knees out in the PARK?  

CoxZuchre 52M
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9/18/2005 8:58 am

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12/30/2006 5:40 am

Picnicing? Is that like being on your knees out in the PARK?

Well, I was out and about yesterday with some friends. Ended up out at a local park eating with friends. While there I saw this tall guy, well over 6'5" and fairly built. Easily 210. Looked hot and after making eye contact, I knew he was kind of wondering what I was all about. Now I'm no tall gorgeous young hunk. I'm in my early 40's and only about 5 9. I'm a stocky guy but always look like the professional (both professionally and on my knees ) that I am. Well, to move it along, my friends didn't notice him so I excused myself and went to the park bathroom. While there, he came in and smiled. I'd been there a few minutes, so I knew I couldn't hang out. I pulled out a card with my name and number on it and as I walked past him, I cupped his cock in my hand and handed him the card with the other. I went back out to the picnic then.

Last night about 11, I got a call from this hunk. He asked me why I gave him my number and I told him. He kinda laughed and told me he'd be willing to feed me tonight if I was UP for something big to eat. I was intrigued and asked how big. He told me about 10. Well that was all I needed to hear. I gave him the address and told him to cum on over.

I was glad to see that long drink of water when he walked in the door about 20 minutes later. I only came up to his chest and so it was easy to hit my knees to get at that slab of meat between his legs. I was on my knees with my nose buried in his balls and he was just standing there looking down at me with a smile on his face. His balls were so big, I could only get one in my mouth at a time and as I was mouthing his balls, his cock kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I was almost in shock when I pulled back and looked at it. He wasn't kidding when he said ten inches, it was all of that and it was a real jawbreaker. I licked down to the head and popped just the head in my mouth. I was pretty full at that point. His cock was a thick slab of meat and I was only able to work about 6 to 7 inches down my throat because of the thickness. He told me he was amazed I could get that much down because very few could because of how thick it was. Well that was a challenge to me and I kept trying and he kept getting hotter and hotter. By this point he was starting to talk dirty and telling me what a good cock sucker I was, how he wanted to feed me all of his cock and if I was really good, how he'd breed my ass and make it his. I was getting so hot that I didn't care if I choked or not. Just the thought of that cock up inside me made me almost cream my own boxers.

Well I didn't quite get it all the way down my throat by the time he was beginning to grunt and thrust. I could feel his balls start to pull up in my hands and knew he was going to fill my mouth. He started to shoot and I could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum. It filled my mouth and actually came out of the corners of my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could and kept licking that cock. It never even started to get soft. It was still like having steel encased in hot soft skin and I knew he really was going to breed my ass and I was a little bit scared.

He pulled me up to his chest and said "baby boy, I'm going to breed your ass and make it mine." Well I just melted and went to get some condoms. I've always been turned on when a guy in his twenties treats me like his young plaything. I grabbed some magnum condoms and lube and came back to him. I put a condom on that monster and he slowly began to lube my ass. Using those big fingers, he slowly worked one, then two and finally three fingers into me. I thought I'd scream when he worked in the fourth and at that point he whispered that he thought I was ready for him. I felt his cock sliding up the crack of my ass and was a bit too tense as the head hit my rosebud. He bent down and nibbled the back of my neck, telling me to open up for his baby maker. I did my best to accomodate and he pushed the head inside. Even having the head inside me made me feel totally full. I couldn't believe how full it felt and looked back and realized he only had an inch or two inside me. I'm not much for popper but at that point. I reached over to the table next to the bed I was bent over and grabbed the bottle. I took three big hits and he started to work that monster into me. Soon I was feeling like I could take a bit more and he told me we were more than half way there. I took another hit and started to push back. At that point he was beginning to get hot and soon I felt his balls on my ass. I thought I was stretched to the max when he pulled half out and then slid back in. At that point, I knew I needed another hit of poppers. He asked if I was ok and all I could do was growl for him to fuck me. He was more than happy to oblige. He began to fuck me slowly. I looked over and realized it had taken fifteen minutes to get to this point from the time he had attacked my pucker. Well he just kept fucking and telling me how hot and tight my hole was, how glad he was to have called me and to find someone who could take his big fat cock. I could barely breathe and was pushing my ass as hard as I could to accept his cock. Sweat was starting to pour off of both of us and I just lost track of time and even where I was as he kept pounding my hole. I don't know how long it was before his breathing became ragged and I felt the impossible happen. His cock seemed to get even bigger and I knew he was getting ready to shoot. He was trying to pull out when I felt the first blast. Once again it felt like a gallon coming out of that tool. He managed to get it out before the third shot and pulled the condom off and shot two more times all over my back. My hole was stretched and sore when he fell on my back and lay there resting. I looked over at the clock again and realized we had been at it for over an hour total. I was amazed. As I crawled out from under him to go to the bathroom I realized that I had came at least once while he was fucking me. I brought him back a washcloth and towel and cleaned both of us up. He looked at the clock and jumped up, grabbed his clothes and started to get ready. All he could say was, "shit, I'm late, I was supposed to pick up someone 20 minutes ago". He'd been at my place for close to an hour and forty five minutes. He bent down and kissed my neck when he was dressed and whispered that he really enjoyed my mouth and ass and hoped he'd be able to come by and play again. I told him I hoped so too. He turned around and headed out the door. I don't know if I'll see that dick again, but I know I'll remember it for a long time and feel the results of what it did to me for at least a week.

IF you like these reports of my encounters, please respond. If I don't get some feedback, I'm going to stop posting my exploits. As you guys will also notice, it had been a while between the last several postings from me. I've been busy and it's tougher to meet guys for fun. If you think you might be interested, feel free to look at my profile and hit me up. I'm always looking for guys to help me with material to report. YOU KNOW I LOVE TO BE OF SERVICE. Hit me back guys.

SassyBBW4U2000 49F

9/18/2005 3:07 pm

I loved reading your posts. Please don't stop telling about your hours of fun.

CoxZuchre 52M
49 posts
9/18/2005 7:11 pm

Thank you ladies, as long as there are guys who are willing to provide me with experiences, I'll try to write about them. I do appreciate any and all comments. Happy hunting to you guys and let's hope I continue to gather experiences.

ntbicuriousguy32 44M
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9/19/2005 12:07 pm

That is one hot story. I haven't had any experience yet with a guy but that story reinforces my feeling of wanting to try it. Keep up the stories they are Ohhhh so hot.

CoxZuchre 52M
49 posts
9/19/2005 2:41 pm

Well, they are ACTUAL experiences, and I'm always looking for people to cum give me a reason to write more

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