LUNCH, mmmmm, mmmmm, good.  

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7/22/2005 12:22 pm

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LUNCH, mmmmm, mmmmm, good.

I had talked with a young gentlemen a month or two ago and he was interested in coming over but for some reason it never quite worked out. We lost contact and I assumed it was another missed opportunity. I was quite surprised when I got an e-mail from him again and he was interested in coming by. Wasn't sure we could work it out but today he managed to make it. Man was it worth the wait.

He was sort of a goth looking young man, slender and angular with tattoos and spiky hair. Baggy black shorts with tons of zippers and a t-shirt completed the look of this hot man who came to my door. He walked up and into the house. I closed the door and turned around, he was looking at the house and commenting when I dropped to my knees. He was a bit surprised but a smile came to his face as I reached for his bulge. I massaged it with one hand and reached for his belt with the other. I managed to get his pants and boxers to his knees and that cock in my mouth in short work. He went hard almost immediately. His cock was a work of art. Not really long but thick as it could be and it was str8 as it could be. Not quite as thick as my wrist but a darn nice mouthful. I loved having it in my mouth and could just imagine what it would feel like if I sat on it. He was a typical str8 man and really got into my oral skills. I brought him up to orgasm with his balls up inside and then pulled off, he sighed and leaned back enjoying my tongue while holding my shoulder. I kept sucking and he finally reached his hand out and began stroking the base, telling me to tongue the head. It wasn't long before he was hot again and I began to lick his balls. I saw that he was getting closer and started working on his cockhead. He was really getting hot and began plugging my mouth. This time his balls didn't pull up all the way and he began to fill my throat and mouth. You know how I love suckling a just shot cock. I pulled on it as if it was teat giving me milk. He was just overwhelmed and looked down going "WOW". I let him get himself together and invited him back anytime he wanted to drain it. Let's hope he takes me up on it.

Hit me up guys, let me know if you like these true stories in almost real time and IF you can help me keep the experiences going.

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