Kinda late adding this tasty morsel  

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8/18/2005 7:29 am

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Kinda late adding this tasty morsel

Sunday Morning early and yet again I wasn't sleeping. Hit the chats and ended up with a 20 year old kid wanting to come over to get his dick sucked. I said sure and in about 1/2 an hour he showed up at my door. Not quite what I was thinking of but not bad. He was probably 20, but looked a bit younger. Thugged out in his look though. He was around 5 9 or so and might have topped in at 135 pounds. He was as nervous as a cat, looking around and when I hit my knees he was still almost nervous. Wanted to undo his pants on his own. Pulled his pants and boxers down to reveal about 5 inches soft. Not bad but I hoped it grew a bit, and it did. He made it up to a respectable 8 (well almost 8 I'd say). Nicely plumped up in thickness too. Well needless to say I was in cocksuckers heaven. I just kept sucking and sucking. Finally he sat down on the stairs to my second floor and began to tell me what a good bitch and cocksucker I was and how he was going to breed my mouth and make me his. Well that just got me going and I think it threw him over the edge. He began bucking his ass off of the steps and forcing that cock down my throat. I just kept opening up and taking it. When he started to cum I could barely contain it in my mouth. I cleaned him up and he pulled up his boxers and pants, pulled down his cap and headed out the door. Never a word other than the dirty talk.

It was a lot of fun.

Any of you guys viewing this blog interested? I could use some action to put on here. These posts chronicle real events. So if you are gay, bi, str8 or just horny, hit me up. I'm happy to be of service. I can be reached on here or at that provider that starts with the first letter of the alphabet and ends with an L. It has an O in the middle and the name is the same. Looking forward to more fun and being able to post more.

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