Irish Potatoes and nice piece of meat  

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9/25/2005 7:04 am

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Irish Potatoes and nice piece of meat

Well, I'd been chatting back and forth with this 19 year old and finally all things came together and he wanted to come over. 6' 190 6.5cut, red hair and a nice set of potatoes. He walked in, actually wanted to make out for a bit, then asked where the bedroom was. I took him by the hand took him upstairs where he started undressing me. When he had me undressed, he ran his hands all over my body and then pushed me down to my knees. I undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It had been showing as hard since he walked in the door. It was a classically beautiful piece of meat. Nice straight and perfectly cut. I sucked it deep into my throat while he took off his shirt. I was licking his balls when he pulled me up from my knees. He pushed my back onto the bed fondling my nipples and balls as he pushed me back. His hard cock was pushing in between my legs. He nuzzled into my neck and pushed for a few minutes, then rolled off of me and told me to roll over. He stood up, slipped on a condom while I was using the lube and then with no finesse whatsoever, rammed me home. I thought I would pass out. I was seeing stars but he was too turned on to care. In a few moments I was beginning to get into it and he pulled me up to my knees and began to pound my ass even harder. All to soon he began what I knew was his final thrusts. Not quite at the top of his voice he yelled "I'm cumming". He collapsed on top of me but only for a few seconds. He then hopped up, took the towel I gave him, cleaned up put on his slacks and shirt and was headed down the stairs and out the door. Not a lot of style to his lovemaking, but fun and hot. I'd be happy to take another helping of this Irish potatoe meal.

If you like my exploits, comments are welcomed and new guys who want to experience my mouth are certainly welcomed because they give me material for my next blog posts.

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