Dessert again, and nonfattening :)  

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9/2/2005 8:26 am

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Dessert again, and nonfattening :)

I had been home from dinner for about a half an hour or so when a knock came at the door. I walked over and there was one of my regulars. He nodded his head and walked in. I shut the door and walked on in myself. He already had his pants undone and put his hands on my shoulders to indicate that I should already be on my knees. You know it doesn't take much of an invitation to get me busy, so I pulled down his pants and boxers and began to lick his balls. Once again this early 20's guy with almost 8 inches really wanted to get his cock sucked. He was hard almost immediately and really sighed when his cock hit the back of my throat. I kept suckling this big dick in my throat and he began that slow rhythmic fucking of my mouth. I really love the way this guy feeds me his cock. After about 4 or 5 minutes, he moved me back to the stairs and positioned himself like he was doing pushups with his cock in my mouth. Now it really was like he was making love to my hot mouth. I could tell it was really getting him turned on. I kept stroking his cock on the upward pull with my tongue and finally I could feel his balls start to pull up. I knew it wouldn't be long and he was beginning to breathe heavily. I could feel his cockhead swell as it kept going down my throat and he pulled out just far enough to paint my face before pushing that beautiful cockhead back into my mouth to get it cleaned up. He smiled that strange sort of smile of his and pulled up his pants, zipped up and headed out the door. The only word he said was "later". I only hope it won't be too much later

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