After the Fair, A BETTER RIDE  

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8/12/2005 6:04 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

After the Fair, A BETTER RIDE

Got home from the Fair, tired and a bit sore after 8 hours my feet walking and looking. All the hot guys there had gotten me hotter than heck. I was so horny that when I got online, I couldn't resist a few of the chats. I ended up having a 28 year old hitting me up. He was hot and horny and wanting to experiment. I of course invited him over. When he wlked in I was in lust. He was about 6'1" tall and was well built in the upper body. His arms were huge. His lower body wasn't quite as developed but that slenderness made his cock look even bigger. When I pulled down his pants, it looked huge. It was a jawbreaker. Only about 8 inches but so thick that it was a challenge getting it in my mouth. I sucked him for a bout 7 or 8 minutes and he pulled me up and told me he wanted to fuck me. Now I normally love to play but that thickness made even me think twice. I told him that it would be hot but he had to take it easy and wear a condom. He had no problem with that, so I took him upstairs to the bedroom I play in. I lubed up well and put the condom on him, then got on all fours. He angled in behind me and it took my breath when he pushed that cock into me. It took at least five minutes to get him into me. I ended up collapsed over the edge of the bed and he just started fucking. Darn the boy knew how to make me feel good. I was stretched to my limit but he just kept riding. His hands were on my nipples and he was occasionally biting the back of my neck. It seemed like only seconds before he was shouting that he was going to cum but when I looked at the clock when it was all over, it had been almost a half hour. It felt so good.

I sent him off to the bathroom to clean up while I picked up in the bedroom. When he came out and got dressed, I walked him downstairs to the door. On the way out, he smacked me on the ass and told me it was a hot ride. The only thing I could think of was that it was better than any of those mechanical rides at the Fair. This is one I hope wants to cum again and again and again.

Like it? Respond so I know that you do. If no one responds then I wonder if it is worth keeping up reporting my exploits. I also need guys to help me have tdhings to report. I can't write if you guys don't come by to give me things to write about.

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