I might offend you.  

CowboynIndians 39M/35F
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1/22/2006 7:06 pm

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11/8/2006 7:46 pm

I might offend you.

So my guy and I aren't new to the swinger lifestyle, but we are new to Elko. Things are very different here. Starting out with how things are done. No offense here but a wink, an add to hot list and then maybe a message. yeah we've winked at people, because they winked at us and it polite to respond. Maybe we didn't email you back or didn't call if you gave us your number. and my full excuse is. We don't know ANYONE here and we like to take things slow. I mean obviously we're looking for sex... it is a sex site, but living the lifestyle here and back home is apparently different.
Back home there are parties and gatherings. It's an intimate group, meet and greet so to speak, and back home you make friends with people first, not that there aren't times where it's lust at first sight, but mostly we had "good" friends.
Not only were we all close but we got to know each other first and gained each others trust. Don't get me wrong it's fun and exciting. I mean when two people love and trust each other so much that they involve other people in their sex life that's wonderful. I love my guy and enjoy watching him screw some other woman, It's an incredible turn on. Along with all the other things we do. With us it's about pleasing each other in every way possible. and swinging is one of those ways. We like to make friends first and slowly. It's not easy to trust people when you first meet them right? So please don't take any offense if we don't respond right away. we don't lead anybody on and we do try to respond to all messages Hope your all doing well, have fun and be safe-N

tycosun 65M
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10/19/2006 9:55 am

HI here in very rural area trust is most important too many busy bodies and quik to judge distance isnt such big issue since we are used to traveling for almost anything i live in ely and it is difficult to put it out there and risk problems especially of selfish self serving people. hope things working out for u and would like to talk and get to know u i do get to elko and would go more often if had good reason take care

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