The Lakes.  

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4/23/2006 1:11 pm

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The Lakes.

Its a nice feeling just getting in your car and taking a cruise to wherever.

I like to drive up to the lake district at the weekends in my "Prelude V-Tech" when the mood takes me. Its so peaceful and tranquil. I can be there in an hour and a half.

When up there its as though you are taken back in time to a different century. Not much has changed up there for hundreds if not thousands of years.

I sometimes go and visit "William Wordsworth's" old house "Dove Cottage" in Grassmere. He wandered lonely as a cloud don't you know ???

The only downside to trips up there is sometimes the weather can be very treacherous. There are a lot of steep hills and winding roads. I think the best time to go is Spring and Summer. At that time of year you see a lot of Japanese tourists, but so what, my car is Japanese.

Take care, and drive safely.

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