Quick note from Mississippi  

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12/1/2005 6:37 pm

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Quick note from Mississippi

Hey everyone. I feel all professional tonight. I'm on my first business trip to Mississippi of all places. What a fuck of a drive. I drove 6 hours to this property that I inspected (by the way, I inspect reality for morgage companies, if I didn't mention that) anyways, i drove 6 hours to this property, took about 2.5 inspecting it, then drove two hours to my hotel. Now you are probably asking why i drove two hours to a hotel. Well, I've got another one to to in the morning right around the corner from my hotel, then another one about 3 hours from here before I head back to ATL.

At least I get to push a fat ass ride and stay in a decent hotel. See the company pays for all that shit so you kow I kinda gotta go all out with it. I got an 06 Impala and am staying at a marriot. I got high speed wireless internet for free, ergo I'm blogging right now, so it's better than any other hotel I've ever stayed at. I'm actually inclided to go down to the indoor heated pool in my boxers, since I don't have any trunks. I wonder if anyone would mind lol

Anyways, i got a good it of work to do now that I got this computer working. Oh yeah, it took me about 2 hours to get this shitty wireless network to stop making my puter crash, but it's all good now. Anyways, holla at ya boy

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