My only problem with oral sex  

CouplesexNme 38M
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11/11/2005 11:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My only problem with oral sex

Now I know that about 75% of all you who are reading this right now are thinking "what the hell kinda problem could he have with oral sex" but let me explain and you'll understand why this is such a problem

First let me say that I love oral....both giving anf recieving. I probably like giving head more than giving it for this one simple reason. I'm all of my 27 years, I have yet to have anyone get my off by sucking my dick.

I know it's a travesty. And I've gotten some smokin ass heas in my day (most women's first response is "well you just ain't found someone to suck it right) Trust me ladies, many have stepped up to the plate and a many have struck out. I've gotten head for an hour straight and still didn';t get off.

I think the problem is this. I have two different personalities in bed. I'm a Giver and I'm a Dominant. The giver in me would rather be giving someone else pleasure than laying there getting it. And the Dom in me wants to be in control of the situation and it's hard to be in control when someone has your dick in their mouth.

The reason why this is on my mind tonight is because I have a girl right now who is determained to make this happen. As a matter of fact, we've talked about going to the swingers club here in ATL, but she wants to pull a nut out of me first becaus eshe said that she'd be pissed off if we went over there and someone else reached her goal before she did. And she can suck a mean dick too, but she asked me not to "relieve" myself for a few days until she has another chance. She's convinced that if I don't masterbate for a few days (and yet I am man enough to say that I jack my dick off) then it'll be easier.

Long story short, I'm horny, I can't jerk off, and because I can't jerk off, i can't sleep. Hence the nice lengthy random blog and bout (sex) nothing in perticular

DukeAbbaddon 41M
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11/12/2005 2:05 am

well gossip did she do it ?

ps do you actualy enjoy it even though you dont cum ?

becouse i like a good tickle and it could be as good as a kiss if you just made it like one ...

so just dont pat attension and rub her back or neck like you realy meen to give a good masage not weakly realy pay attension to your work

A Men

Easygoingone4u 74M

11/13/2005 3:49 pm

I think you might be able to get off in someone's mouth by letting your dominant personality take over. To do that, stop focusing your attention on them sucking you and concentrate on face fucking them. The fantasy you tell about in your blog is a huge turn on, but I can't help thinking of your cock pounding a load of cum into one of those mouths and having them share it with you in a kiss. Okay, I'll admit that I'd like to be there sharing the action with you!!!

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