Definition of a sexophilic  

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11/8/2005 11:50 am

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Definition of a sexophilic

-someone that is attracted to sex
-sex loving
-someone that is easliy dissolved in sex

Hello everyone, I would like to officially announce the birth of the worlds firswt proclaimed sexophilic. If you are confused on the definition, see above. Sexophilics are not to be confused with sexohalics. A sexohalic is someone addicted to sex, that cannot function without sex, and that has a problem managing sex with the rest of their lives. It ruins relationships, and bank accounts, and lives.

On the otherhand, we sexophilics are attracted to sex, and find ourselves mixed up in it in most faccets of our lives. Sex is innermixed in everything that we do. It goes not control our actions, it enhances the pleasure in them. Sexophilicism is not an addiction, it is a lifestyle choice, that encompasses B&D, S&M, D&S, V&E, swapping, swinging, and all of those alt. things that the vanilla society tries to surpress.

But there is a thin line between sexophilicism and sexohalicism. I must say that I have found myself on the other side of that line once or twice. An addiction to sex can be seductive if misunderstood. True sexophilics emmerse their lives within sex as a means of pure and ultimate enjoyment and exctasy, while sexohalisc drownd their worlds in sex as a need for satisfaction that, ironically, is not satisfaying, hence they must find more.

This is just the first glimse into the mind of a sexophilic, and definitly will not be the last.

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