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6/18/2006 4:19 pm

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Need to rant

Now we had a great start yesterday. It was branding day. We all got down and dirty and got those calfs branded, deballed, and gave them their shots. Well after to be expected we all sat down to drink some beers ect... Well I have 2 children from a privous marriage and they have been accepted as family thru my boyfriends family. Well my Bf thinks that he needs to over disapline my son normally I agree with his disapline but not yesterday he was going way over the top. And I know it's cause he has quite a bit to drink, he had me in tears, then yelled about what a lousy father they have (I didn't completly disagree) but he did this in front of the kids. And I totaly don't go for that. He knew I was upset and I had stopped drinking well into the day but he was hammering them down one after another, and when I said something he woudl state it's his place and his day if I don't like it well.... and he would leave it like that. When we got home (I drove) which also pissed him off. It took everything I had to no throw him out the door. But I got him to take a nap and he seemed better. And now this morning it was as if he don't remember anything. I love him and he is not normally this way but I cannot stand to be around him when he gets that drunk. What should I do??

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7/16/2006 11:23 am

Excessive drinking never brings out the best in anybody. It sounds as if your boyfriend has some anger and resentment about your relationship and your kids, and drinking is always a convenient excuse to say and do things that might not come to the surface otherwise. More to the point, this kind of behavior does not improve over time and you will only see it increase in both frequency and intensity. If you are willing to put up this, your future lies very clearly before you. If you don't like then dump him, get out, protect yourself and your children, and never look back.

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6/20/2006 5:04 pm


Been the divorce route twice and actually have a good relation ship with the ex's and their wives..

All the kids where mine and I made it clear that they could disipline but if I felt they step over board.. their ass was mine..

Now about you.. there is no excuse for what he did.. drunk or not..Those babies of yours are victoms and any healing that they have gotten after your divorce has been set way back.. This is goung to repeat itself again and again...

My opinion is that you should clear out as soon as possible..Before those children aree hurt..

If ya need a place to hide us. Kids are always welcome as they fill a house with happy sounds.

Prospector, the both of us..


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