FIRE not again  

Countrycoup1977 43M/39F
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7/29/2006 9:44 pm
FIRE not again

well my honey has been gone since 6pm tonight fighting one of 2 fires at Keyhole state park it's almost 11pm and I am worried he hasn't called. but that is also a good thing.
The fire is so big I can smell it as if I was in it and the smoke is so thick. I hope he is okay and no one gets hurt. Say a prayer if that is what you like to do please.

rough_justa 87M/79F

8/4/2006 6:29 pm

hi there i know how ya feel before i was on the fire dept i worried to but we have a scanner so i know what is going on. i am also on the fire dept and it can be scary at times but ya try not to let it bother ya. sometimes when they r busy fighting fire there is no way to call or no service. i hope things were ok and the fire is out. while we were gone we had some big fires here and came close to cancelling our vac and almost came back to take our turn on the fire line but decided we dont leave very often and kept right on going. my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your hubby.

here is the firemans prayer

when i am called to duty. God.
whenever flames may rage.
give me the strength to save some life.
whatever be its age.

help me embrace a little child.
before it is to late.
or save an older person.
from the horror of that fate.

enable me to be alert.
and hear the weakest shout.
and quickly and efficiently.
to put the fire out.

i want to fill my calling.
and to give the best in me.
to guard my every neighbor.
and protect his property.

and if according to my faith.
i am to lose my life.
please bless with your protecting hands.
my child and my wife.

the author to this prayer is unknown but alot of fireman have this prayer.

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