34 hr restart  

CountryGIRLinIL 45F
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6/12/2006 11:39 am
34 hr restart

Well I knew it had been a while since I've updated but I didn't think its been this long... Anyway here we sit in Purgatory ok Sacramento CA to most the people out there. For our company, it seems once you deliver here its quite a drive (usually almost 300 miles) to get a load out of CA. But in our case, we were out of hours so we have to sit for 34 hrs befor we can roll again... Most " 9 to 5ers " think a 40 hr week is long... we basically run off of a 70 hr schedule. He and I were down to about 8 hrs out of or 70 and would not get any back for 2 days either... since they didnt have a load 4 us anyway they didnt bitch when we told them we needed to shut down. in 1 week we went from Ca to PA and back to CA with a stop off at St Louis.
Oh well its nice to shut the truck off every now and then and have a lil close time. I was able to get the truck cleaned out again... Damn cat of mine... Bear had his kitty litter everywhere. Now I'm off to do laundry nice to have all the clothes clean again too since we finally got showers...a week of running expidited freight barely leaves time to eat and maybe go pee lol . I really hate time sensitive loads. Well we should be getting home on Fri the 16th just in time to have his Ex wife move in with us... At least we all get along and it will be good to have someone at the house we pay for and rarely see. Be able to get lil things taken care of while on the road as well as she can be closer to her parents who are not doing well. It will be strange though... 2 Georgias with birthdays 1 day apart in same house. lol oh well here goes the neighborhood. Well Off to Wash TTYL

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