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11/20/2005 4:54 pm

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This blog, as I go along, will tell the tales of being in a great open relationship. We have our ups and downs, both from which we learn from, but I am also here to tell the stories of my meetups, give you some mind icing, and hopefully entertain you.

I do have a regular blog, so I felt this is a great place to tell the stories of our adventures, without divulging this part of our life to those that shouldn't know about it. For both the great and not-so-great experiences, I will not use real names to protect the privacy of those involved. For that reason, all guys will be referred to as *John* and any women *Jane*. In case you were thinking it, no I am not fucking the Doe family but they are as close to anonymous as possible. If you name happens to be John or Jane and I have met or meet up with you, there is no harm intended with this blog.

Thanks for checking me out and stay tuned for my posts!


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