Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.  

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2/1/2006 6:45 pm

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Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

I really had no ideas for a suitable title, so I will go with this.

I know, it's been awhile. I am the world's shittiest blogger. Some may assume it's for my lack of writing ability, but I will tell you that it's more because of my lack of writing. Period.

Since the last time I wrote, I was abducted by an army of deliciously hot men and women, and seriously.taken.advantage.of.

Now that I have your attention, that's not the truth. But I have been busy. Some of the more meaningful things happening in my life are my university courses (I am working on a double bachelor degree), my reflexology training that starts this weekend, work and having some fun too. I celebrated my birthday recently, and spent the following week with the flu. That in itself is legitimate reason to not get out of bed and blog.

Let's be honest, you really don't give a shit about all my accomplishments or almost-accomplishments. I can accept that, but FUCK YOU. Just kidding.

So, behind door number four we have an update on what's been happening in the "open relationship" part of my life. To be honest, not a whole lot. I think I've talked to more people on here that have turned me off of exploring my own freedom. The irony is that I meet so many people in my daily grind, who needs the Internet.
However, I keep coming back here for the simple reason that I screen out the MOTHERFUCKING MORONS in my pajamas rather than at some restaurant sitting across a table from you. While I am spending my money. Uhhh, no thanks.

A few people recently that I have talked to, though, have been cool. (Few = 2-3)Now, you are probably thinking "well that's positive", let me burst that bubble with my right nipple. There are in the thousands of men and women on here from my area, and only 2-3 have been decent. One Schmoe was really amusing. For the record, I DO NOT get involved with married men. Most of married men are cheating, and the others are just lying and saying it's an open relationship. Granted, there are probably a good handful of men on this site that are in fact doing everything above board. Kudos to you and your other half. So, the Schmoe. I only responded to his e-mail because his profile read that he is Divorced.

Tell me, in your comments, what Marital Status means to you when you are filling it in on forms. I'd be interested to hear if I am completely out of my mind or whether people think I have a valid argument.

Well, we got talking. As it turns out, Schmoe is married AND has a child. Apparently he's in an "open relationship". Well, the relationship didn't sound as though it is on the greatest terms, so WHO IN THEIR RIGHT FUCKING MIND would allow their other half to go out and bang other people if things aren't good at home? Anyhow, I got a WAY TOO CONVENIENT story.

I took some time (a day) to think about what he said, to re-read his profile, and went with my gut instinct. He messaged me the next day on MSN, and I simply asked (ie. did not ACCUSE) about the discrepancy of his marital status on his profile.

His response was unbelievable: "Well, I was married once before, then divorced, and now I am remarried."

Okay, a number of problems with that:
1) Marital Status usually refers to your current status, not historically speaking
2) Are you that fucking stupid?
3) So, let's play this on my field. Should I be putting "single" as my marital status because I was single once before?
5) If the lies are coming out on MSN, which they will, I won't even get angry enough that I need to forgive you. I'll just block your sad ass.

That aside, I have recently made a friend from this site. Great guy that I enjoy just hanging out with, although not much has happened sexually. For me fucking the hell out of a guy is not priority number one. I have a boyfriend I can easily take my sexual rage out on.

A dick is a dick is a dick. I want to know who's attached to it. If you have a problem with that, please start sending me vibrators in the mail cause I'd rather deal with those than some of the assholes I've talked to recently.

I believe that's it for my little rant today. I am alive. I have a heartbeat. I am soaking wet....YESSS down there, but also because of the lovely 29 out 31 days of rain. WHOO FUCKING HOO. We're proud of setting a record for that? Someone hang me from the 5th floor of my office building please. Just kidding. I love my life. I love the people I have in it.

How to charm me: Let me ask YOU to meet up for the first time.

How to annoy me: Lie to me and be open about those lies. Or tell me you are cheating on your spouse and in the same breath tell me you're an honest person. At least TRY To hide them.

QUOTE: "If you're dealing with a liar, you then don't know whether you are also dealing with a thief, cheater...."

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