Cushion for the Pushion  

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11/27/2005 7:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Cushion for the Pushion

No, probably not that kind. But I do have some of that.

Due to a some recent conversations and experiences, I feel compelled to write about something that is driving me absolutely mental.

While I am a pretty agreeable and laid back person, when I say "No", I mean no. Lately, people have felt the urge to really push my limits. Some people from AdultFriendFinder, others just "friends", I call them that because at the end of the day, we are not really friends, just friends if I live according to their terms, expectations and so on.

I have a message to any readers out there who have emailed me, conversed with me, have even thought about either, or are a part of my everyday life: When I say no, I mean no. If that is not clearly understood, I will disappear and that will be the end of it.

I am sick to death of people being so pushy with me. For all you guys out there that use AdultFriendFinder to try and get some ass, maybe the reason you are here is because you are so pushy out there that you will not get any ass with that approach out there, or here.

One thing that the users of this site must learn, is that for every different person, each of them has a desire to move at their own comfort level. The people out there that don't respect that are the ones that make this a more-hassle-than-its-worth experience.

For instance, I can't tell you enough how much I loathe people reading my profile, sending me an email to initiate some conversation on MSN, and within the first 10 seconds are either asking for pictures (when they have a standard MSN picture up of a dog, or soccer ball) or asking when we'll meet.

Yo wiseguy, maybe you didn't read between the lines of my profile, but I am an intelligent woman and expect to be treated as such. Do you really think that I am gonna rush out to meet you because you messaged me or said I have a nice picture? Give your head a shake. Tap my brain, entice me, or better yet, enchant me with some good conversation and demonstrate that it would be worth my time to meet you.

I will also take the opportunity to add in and re-iterate that I am a well-loved woman, am happy with the relationship I am in, and have no plans to lose what I have. Yes, I tell my boyfriend if I come to meet you and I also tell him about you. I take many precautions with anyone that I would meet, most that you won't know about. I have found that people have assumed I am an unhappy woman. We are not on this journey because we are unsatisfied with each other. To the contrary, we are so glad we can embark on this journey as it demonstrates that we have THAT GOOD of a relationship. Note this if you plan on talking to me or if you currently converse with me. I am a happy woman, and unless by fate I meet someone that turns out to be one of my best friends (one can hope right?), the people that walk into my life to help me explore my freedom will always be a little further down on my priority list simply because the ones that are above you are long-term. Don't take offense, just be glad I do have my priorities in order.

I know this entry sounds really bitchy, but I am gonna hope that people read this and take some advice out of it: 1) Stop being pushy and 2) No means no.

For all of you out there that have respected this about me, cheers to you. I love talking to you and you do make this a great experience for me. To my buddy in Texas, you are in this section, yes, the Thank You section. Thanks to those of you who engage with me and make me look forward to our chats.

For the rest of you, wise up or go find yourself a BarStar and stop wasting people's time and aggravating their patience on here.


How to Annoy Me: Self-explanatory with this entry, but I'll spell it out. If I say no, respect that and lay off.

How to Charm Me: Know all the words to at least ONE of Madonna's songs from the 80's AND sing it!

rm_metalhed187 32M
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1/30/2006 10:46 pm

what's with the lack of comments?? maybe they know you're right and have nothing to say about it.
i'm always looking for someone to "enchant with some good conversation"... maybe enchant isn't the right word. but nonetheless
send me a message! let's get to know each other

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