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2/24/2005 6:44 pm

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What I like

Far and away, the most erotic thing out there is watching a woman have an orgasm. Feeling their pussy clench on whatever's inside it... watching their hips buck... seeing their toes curl... their legs squeeze... their chest heave... their hands clutch at whatever's nearby...

When it gets right down to it, when you watch a woman cum, you're seeing someone lose control because of pleasure. It's an intimate thing for someone to let you watch them be overwhelmed. The words we have don't really describe what you're seeing. It's the throes of ecstasy, and knowing that you helped get her there -- well, what could possibly be a bigger turn-on than that?

That's right. Nothing.

A distant second is actually coming inside of a woman. I'm meticulous about remaining drug and disease free so I can retain that privilege. As far as my own pleasure goes, there's nothing that beats exploding inside of someone. Tough to describe the feeling... if I had to use one word, I'd say that coming inside of a girl feels right.

And my third most favorite thing is licking a girl's asshole. I love to do it. I love how naughty it is, and I love the way warm skin feels on my tongue. Maybe I'll spend more time describing those things tomorrow.

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