This post is not about sex  

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3/21/2005 4:22 pm

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This post is not about sex

So, here's the background: I take my classes online. That means I'm usually uploading and downloading large files. Also, my stupid, stupid apartment complex has a contract with a cable company that does not offer cable Internet. Why did I sign the lease? When I moved here, I asked, "Do you guys offer cable Internet?" And of course, they said, "Yes." Liars. But hey, I'm young and stupid. Why wouldn't I take the word of someone who's trying to get me to sign a contract to fork over a lot of money? I'm retarded.

Anyway, upon moving in, I quickly found that the cable company did NOT offer Internet services. That meant I had to get a phone line, as I was going to need an Internet connection somehow. 56k is not for me (I'm a geek), so I hunted down a DSL company, Speakeasy. They are awesome. Best customer service experience I've ever had.

But there's a problem! The phone line is of such crappy quality that my DSL cuts in and out. My DSL company cannot fix it because they don't own the actual phone line, so they can't make repairs on it. Qwest, my horrible, horrible phone company REFUSES to fix it because they're not my DSL provider. They spent 5 minutes trying to sell me on their DSL service instead of listening to my problem as soon as I mentioned they weren't my provider. Nice. I asked the area rep/bitch-ass schilling machine why I would possibly consider switching to Qwest when they refused to provide me service. He said, "Uh...." Fucker.

So I told my DSL company what Qwest told me, and they recommended lying and saying I was having problems with my voice line (provided by Qwest) to try and get them to fix the problem. Fair enough, so that's what I did. I came home and there was a message on my answering machine, apparently from the tech who came out. The message basically said, "Your line is fine. If you call us again, we're going to charge you." It's their SPIRIT OF SERVICE! So I called them again and tried to explain the situation and what I was asking for. They again refused, and also suggested that if I needed work done, I have my DSL provider contact them to request it.

My DSL provider laughed over the phone when I told them that suggestion. They said, "We don't own Qwest. We can't dispatch them to fix a phone line anytime we're having DSL intermittency issues." Which makes a lot of sense, but doesn't solve my problem.

So what it boils down to is that my DSL provider can't fix the problem and my phone provider won't. Ah, bureaucracy. Speakeasy is going to send me out a different modem that is supposed to be more stable, but that's a last-gasp attempt at salvaging the situation, and I'm not holding out a lot of hope. Still, these guys have tried at least five different solutions, which are five more than Qwest has tried for me. The end result is that I still don't have a steady DSL connection. Life is full of disappointments, I suppose.

To make up for it, here's a picture of a hot older woman in the bathtub, because I think older women in the bathtub are hot.

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