Saying No: The Art and Science  

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12/29/2005 10:02 pm

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Saying No: The Art and Science

Got a 'no' a few weeks ago. The woman -- a gold member -- was easily one of the hottest I've ever seen on AdultFriendFinder. No doubt she was the kind that has to sort through hundreds of emails a day, and rightfully so. No man in his right mind wouldn't take a shot at her.

I wrote her a nice, honest email (no cut-and-paste for me, I actually read profiles), which obviously did not have the effect I was looking for. Fair enough, (she's totally missing out! ) but how did I find out she said no?

She declined my invitation to join my network.

Not even a word! I would have never known if I don't check that from time to time.

AdultFriendFinder has many problems. We all know this. As a guy, I have a hard time believing that most of the profiles I look at are anything more than slick advertisments for porn. As a girl, I'm sure dealing with the avalanche of "I will be at a Hotel this weekend. Wanna meet and fuck?" emails gets old fast. But most importantly in my opinion, they don't force you to say no.

Women: For the love of God, just take the 5 seconds to say no. If you are feeling friendly, at least take the time to say why. Obviously if you get a generic "wanna fuck" message, you should reply with a generic "no". But if someone takes the time to actually write you an email, the least you can do is take the time to write back and politely say no thanks. Feel free to ignore the angry follow up emails, of course.

Men: When a woman tells you no, don't be an asshole and follow it up with more email (unless you really feel the need to plead your case). Not every response is an invitation to talk. You've got to be man enough to walk away.

Courtesy. It's probably too much to ask for on an anonymous Internet sex site, but man, would it make things more fun for everyone around here.

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12/29/2005 10:27 pm

here, here....

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