Hot Older Women  

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7/19/2005 8:33 pm

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Hot Older Women

Dear Hot Older Women,

Come sit on my face. Then ride me until you pass out. I want you collapse breathless on top of me. I want to feel your hard nipples on my bare chest while I listen to you breathe in my ear. I want a pool of our sex juice coating my hips. I don't know if I can state it more clearly.

I know my age might make you focus on the "older" part of Hot Older Women, but believe me, I'm totally focused on the "Hot" part. Seriously. I don't mind that your breasts aren't as firm as they once were. Firm breasts aren't what make good sex. Mental and physical stimulation is. And I'm old enough to know that it's not just what you've got, but what you do with it also.

So seriously, that little red X next to my age box? Why can't you ignore it? There are 16 boxes there, and you're going to tell me that one red X outweighs 15 green check marks? Shouldn't that be enough to make you think, "Hey, maybe it's worth a shot?" I don't have any expectations, Hot Older Woman. I'd love to get to know you before you unleash your naughty side. Tell me the trials and tribulations of your life. I'm genuinely interested.

Don't think that we don't have anything in common based on a number. We might not, but that's ok. I'd love to learn something new. And if we do have things in common, so much the better. We can talk about how the new NHL collective bargaining agreement totally screws teams like the Ottawa Senators after next year.

Not to your liking? I can talk about more than sports, Hot Older Woman. In fact, I can form an opinion and defend it intelligently when it comes to most topics. Come find out! Let me ask you this: Do you know who the Chancellor of Germany is? I do! No fair Googling either.

International Politics not your cup of tea? Let's play What If:

What if you had to have a serious -- but not life-threatening -- operation to fix something, but it meant you couldn't orgasm from sex anymore? Would you do it? Say you have a slipped disc in your back. You're not going to die, but you'd like to not live with back pain for the rest of your life. But it means that when you have sex from now on, you can get up that hill, but you can never get over it. What would you choose?

Huh? Huh? See, Hot Older Women, I can hold your interest when we're not getting all freaky naughty. I don't want to marry you, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good time together. Those older guys don't magically have the combination to your secret O-safe. Give me the chance to crack the code. I promise I won't forget it.

So get over the number. I will treat you like a person. I know you can do the same for me. And that leads to fun. So come get it!

firecat381000 54F

1/29/2006 2:47 pm

Don't get is out there. However you will have to be persistent.

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