First things first  

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2/23/2005 9:18 pm

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First things first

So on Monday I went bowling with this girl, Carolyn. I swear I had sworn off (yeah, I swore twice, so what?) high school girls, but she's adorable. What can I say? Does she think I'm adorable? Who knows? There's something about innocence, though. If she takes the time, she's in for everything she could dream of. That sounds pretty egotistical, but hey, I think I can be what she wants. I think it'd be wierd to tell a girl the first time you see her, "The safest place in the world for you is in my arms," though. That probably comes off as stalkerish.

Anyway, we'll see. All I can say about myself is, "Take the time to get to know me." It takes a while for me to open up, but anyone patient enough is gonna reap the rewards, and they're pretty good if I do say so myself.

So, herein these electronic pages are chronicled my upcoming adventures... this is me. Read on if you dare!

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