The reason I'm here  

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6/18/2006 12:22 pm

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7/24/2006 12:51 pm

The reason I'm here

Okay, so I'm not claiming to be Fabio or anything. I figure I look okay for a guy my age, and I KNOW I know how to use my hands and tongue in bed (it's not humble to say, but so far, all recipients have been happy). I KNOW my wife used to like that - in fact, afternoons were a special time for us - kids napping, quiet and a bit of time to reconnect on many levels. So we worked out butts off today cleaning out the garage and attic for the move and I'm thinking "Cool! We're done early, the kids are taking naps...maybe?" Tell her I'm going to get a shower and invte her to come with me. "No thanks. I want to check my e-mail" Figures - she's been a computer addict with the LiveJournal forums debating breastfeeding, Christianity, and all manner of things for about a month now. Free minute? She's on teh computer. No dice with the shower - well, maybe I'll get cleaned up and be a bit more attractive and less sweaty. Go to lie back on the bed buck naked - dual purpose - maybe shee'll be enticed and I can cool off some more under the fan - nothing like a gentle breeze on naked flesh. She comes in, says "You get up with the kids, I'm taking a nap." Strips down to her underwear (damn, she looks good!), crawls under the sheets, rolls over and goes to sleep. Not even a kiss. A touch? Yeah, whatever - she hasn't inisitated a touch or caress in almost a year now. I hate complaining, but damn I'm pissed. It's like I'm not even noticed - I'm good for slinging boxes out of the attic and moving theheavy stuff - making runs to the dump and Goodwill. Oh, and coming along to the kids' doc appointment so she doesn't ahve to field all three. Always "I'm tired" or "It's hard to be in the mood with the kids" - so here's time with no kids, and nothing. Grrr! THis is why I feel rejected, invisible and basically unwanted! This is why I'm here on AdultFriendFinder. Lame excuse? Maybe. Justification of my own weakness? Possibly. But at least here, I've felt wanted a few times, felt sexy again, felt the keen awakening of passion that comes of pleasure shared with another, not out of obligation or such, but for the sake of making someone feel good. *sigh*

SmallTightKitty 57F

6/18/2006 1:30 pm

Baby she is dunb. Just because your a Christian doesn't mean you don't have needs. If I was only her.............ohhhhhh yeah......what a fine time we would have!

rm_rosebud792 43M/44F

7/4/2006 7:24 pm

I understand the way things can cool down in the bedroom after you've been with someone for so long..
Glad you found your way here, I hope you find some happiness.
You are very attractive, write well, and I'd love to be the judge on those hands/tongue!

Corqer32 43M

7/7/2006 7:25 pm

Thank you both for the feedback - it's nice to feel wanted. My tongue and hands are sorely out of practice, but I suppose that's all the more reason to seek out practice opportunities!

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