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4/5/2006 7:03 pm

Candlelight flickers over the walls, golden rays dancing over her reclining form. I watch from a chair nearby, eyes drinking deeply of the sight before me. After lighting the candles and easing her out of her clothes, I had asked her if she wanted to live out a fantasy. She bit her bottom lip slightly and nodded yes. I had gently bound her wrists together with a silken scarf, securing the tail to the headboard of the bed. Leaning down, I saw a flash of nervousness mingled with the excitement in her eyes, and softly pressed my lips to hers in a tender kiss before slipping another scarf over her eyes and gently tugging it down. Once I was certain she couldn't see, I simply backed up and sat down quietly in the chair. After a mere moment, I knew she was building a rising wall of anticipation - I could see her soft curves move slightly as she reached out with her ears and nerves, trying to seek my location. With a smile to myself, I also noted the growing wetness between her legs and the repeated biting of her lower lip - she was scared, but also very, very excited.

Standing quietly, I slipped over to the side of the bed, leaning over her and extending my arm. Candlelight sparkled from the diamond-like drop of water that slipped from the ice cube clenched in my hand, glittering as it fell to splash across her dark nipple, the areola springing to instant hardness as she gasped. Two more drops swiftly followed the first before I withdrew my fist, watching the gooseflesh ripple the smooth surface of her marvelous breast. Again leaning forward, I heated the wetted skin with a slow, steamy breath, softly extending my tongue to lap up the water there even as I moved the ice down alongside her. No sooner had my tongue pulled away, accompanied by a moan from her, then I ran the corner of the cube over her inner thigh from knee to mid-thigh. She jumped against the bonds as I pulled the ice away and replaced it with my other hand, firmly kneading the cold out of her flesh, my fingertips "accidentally" grazing her heated sex a few times in passing.

Again I walked away from the bed, circling to the other side where I took another silk scarf and traced one loose end along her collarbone in a an angel's soft caress, watching her head snap to the side, trying desperately to envision my next move. I allowed the scarf to flow over her dry breast and along the smooth surface of her belly, loving the way the candlelight accentuated her dark skin, snapping shadows about her full curves and making her all the more delicious to view. As the scarf rippled over her hip, I drew it away, reaching upwards to prick the skin of her wrist lightly with a toothpick's point, again eliciting a gasp and start from her. I knew that, deprived of sight and straining against her own nerves, that simple blunt twig felt like a needle.

Again I moved, and again, each time bringing a new senastion to different parts of her body - sometimes my lips or fingers, gently and roughly, sometimes my teeth. A coin, setting in the ice bucket while I prepared, made a chilled blaze along her inner elbow while heated oil soothed her leg. Fingernails and the toohpick pinched, pricked and scratched. Hot breath gusted over exposed flesh while cool puffs of air brought more goosebumps rippling across her. Her moans grew in intensity as each new sensation came, some singly, some right on top of each other. I could see her tongue darting out to lick her full, sensuous lips repeatedly and a thin sheen of sweat had appeared between her breasts, glistening in the firelight. By now, the scent of her sex filled the room, and I cautiously drew myself up the foot of the bed, a menthol cough drop secured under my tongue.

When my mouth closed over her pussy, tongue darting out to enflame her clit with the coolness of the menthol, she cried aloud, hips jumping up off the bed surface. Uselessly, she tugged at the bonds on her wrists as I continued my slow oral exploration, breathing menthol-cooled breaths over her wetness and feeling her rapidly approach orgasm - I knew that the sensory games had her nerves so alight that the slightest touch was hugely magnified and that the barest attentions of my tongue and lips were pushing her rapidly over the edge. Held down by her wrists, her back nonetheless arched high off the mattress as her orgasm broke over her like a tidal wave. Again and again she moaned aloud and I felt a rush of wetness flood from her as she spasmed beneath my kisses, he whole body awash in candlelight and stimulus.

Slowly, her body calmed again and I stood up once more, admiring her as she lay, chest heaving, gasping, a shine of sweat now coating most of her head and chest, gradually recovering from the massive orgasm that had flooded her. As I saw her breast cease heaving and return to a more normal breathing rhythm, I slowly moved to straddle her, my knees to either side of her chest. Feeling this, she strained forward, seeking my cock, which bobbed now just beyond her lips. My finger traced along her cheek, barely touching the skin there as I followed her jawline to circle her lips. Hungrily, she pursed her lips and sucked my finger in between them, startling me with her voraciousness. I felt her tongue swirl over my finger and watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked again. Leaning slightly more forward, I let the head of my cock brush her other cheek, mimicking my finger's path until she swiftly turned and took me in her mouth. With a sigh of pleasure, I let the feeling of her soft lips encasing me rise, again feeling her tongue lavishing attention on my erection. Reaching down, I began to toy with her nipples as she continued to explore my cock with her mouth, her moan of pleasure adding a delicious vibration to her attentions. After a moment, I slowly pulled my hips back, freeing my throbbing cock and laughing slightly as I saw her head try to follow. With a swift motion, I slid back down her body, pausing between her legs to let her feel my cock's head nestled slightly against her pussy lips. I could feel her scooting her hips downward to take me inside her and kept us in the barest contact as I watched the emotion and desire play over her face. Once more, I reached down, lifting each leg slightly before slowly sliding my full length deep up inside her. I watched her mouth fall open as she focused on the fullness within her, listening as she groaned in time to my slow thrusts. Quickly, I felt her heels lock behind me, drawing me into her and leaned forward, taking my weight on my arms and focusing on my hips, driving into her, pausing and withdrawing slowly, encouraged by her legs locked around me. I kept up the slow, deliberate fucking for a few moments, bending my head to suckle at each breast, teasing nipples with my teeth. I could feel her strong legs tighten about me and needing no further encouragement, though her low moans were swiftly becoming louder, I proceeded to piston my hips, driving in and out of her, feeling the bed quake under us with the fury of our coupling. Again and again she cried out, couple with my own grunts and growls, culminating in a primal yell as I came - my body was rocked by a flash of feeling like a backdraft exploding, my hips pushed hard into hers, holding me as deep inside her as I could be, pinned by her legs. My arms gave out under the overwhelming stimulus and I collapsed atop her, our bodies meeting in a heated, moist snarl of skin and limbs. Soon I realized that my lungs were burning, my urge to breathe even shorted out by the massive sensation and I gulped in deep gasp of air. Once I could feel my arms again, I slowly reached up and eased the blindfold off her eyes, kissing her forehead, her cheeks and her lips tenderly. Her legs still wrapped about me as I reached to the knots at her wrists, freeing her hands which swiftly encircled me as well, drawing the two of us as close as possible. Candlelight still flickered, though many had guttered and died in the time spent during our coupling. In her eyes, dancing there with the candles' light, I saw a satisfaction, a reverie of pure pleasure coming from fantasies fulfilled.

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