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9/28/2005 12:22 pm

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Slowly, she ceases to writhe above me as my oral minstrations slow and become more gentle. I feel her legs tense ofr a moment as she rises up again, turning briefly to face away from me - I see her skin bathed in mercurial glow as she moves, watching the ripple of her muscles and the soft glow from her flesh. With the barest of backwards glances and a grin, she again dips downward, leaving her delicious cleft exposed to my lips as she takes me into her mouth. Slowly, deliberately, she begins to slide her velveteen lips up and down my shaft as I probe her gently with my tongue. I can feel the moans rising from her vibrating along the length of me and shiver in delight, a motion which only causes her to increase the intesity of her suction. I feel her nipples brush my waist as two points of fire, revelling in the smoothness of her skin against mine. Reaching up, I take firm hold of each swell of her buttocks, grasping them to pull her closer to my mouth. The soft moans ride moonbeams through the room as we each feel the other's attentions enrapturing our every nerve.

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9/28/2005 1:06 pm

oooh, sexy stuff!

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