Musings on the norm  

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8/19/2005 12:22 pm

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Musings on the norm

Why is it that almost all video pornography ends with a cum-spattering finale - I'm not certain, but maybe the ladies could answer this - do any of you actually enjoy having a guy shoot all over your chest or belly like that? One of those things that struck me as odd at a randmo time for no good reason whatsoever.

That aside, it's a lovely day, one where the mind wanders. During my morning tribulation at the gym (my daily 5 miles) I couldn't help by be amazed by the beautiful female forms there. More and more, I find my eyes wandering in appreciation of the lovely women I see - not solely the slender ones, but all forms - the beauty of motion brought on by the female anatomy is simply stunning. Of course, the motion in bed is even more beautiful, in my opinion, than that of a cross-trainer or weight machine, but still. I find myself in longing to express that appreciation thought kiss, caress, tender touch, simple contact, fevered need...all the above and more. Seems it will be a bit of a hot day, then...

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