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7/16/2005 3:37 pm

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Have you ever felt so lonely and lost within a cocoon of love that you're utterly addled? Yep, that's me. I know we're all tired here and the strom didn't help anything, but I feel utterly, thoroughly ignored. Poor me, some would say...othersmight sneer and wonder why I always muse on this and don't take action to fix it. Without knowing the full story, one can think anything - I've done all I can. Today, I thought I might escape a bit only to come home again and find myself even more ignored than before.

The odd thing is, I know there's happiness and love in this - I can sese it, I revel in it, but it's all coming from the children. I get some sense of affection from my lady-wife, but not much - more a "friend you lean on when tired" thing than anything else. Truly, and this may be my own exhaustion talking, I'm starting to get somewhat depressed by the whole thing. I never thought I'd take action beyond the theoretical or the electronic (here) to seek release from this lonliness, and yet I find myself on that brink willing to jump the precipice if it will provide some relief.

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