Animal urges, frantic release  

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4/2/2006 2:25 pm

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Animal urges, frantic release

My nostrils are filled with the thrilling scent of her sex as my tongue swirls over her clit. Pursing my lips, I gently suck her within my mouth and let my tongue swipe back and forth, driving her crazy beneath my attentions. I feel her hips buck and cling tightly, trying to keep my mouth centered over her hot sex, unwilling to give her a moment’s respite from my oral assault. Her wetness gushes forth, brought on by wave after wave of growing near-orgasmic sensation as I drive my tongue deep up inside her, tasting her sweetness as a man in a desert drinks water. I feel and hear her reach a blinding peak of excitement, her cries and exhortations driving me on, continuing my tongue’s intimate dance even as she thrashes wildly, seeking to escape. Every sense in my body is extended, reveling in the pleasure I’ve brought her, but also seeking the moment she starts to come down from that high.

As she begins to relax, feeling the sexual tension draining from her, I swiftly rise up between her legs, taking each upon an arm and raising them to rest on y shoulders, leaving her pussy before my eager cock, wet and beckoning. My eyes seek hers, awaiting the moment when her lids will reopen, having closed as her senses were overwhelmed. Mere seconds pass and her eyes flicker open, swiftly coming to focus on me, comprehension barely dawning before I thrust myself deep inside her, my cock seating fully inside her, our hips meeting with a slap of flesh.

“Oh my God! Oh fuck!” she cries out, arms flailing for purchase across the bedspread, my cock stretching her swiftly. Slowly, I withdraw, eyes alternately watching her own half-closed gaze and my emerging cock, glistening with her moisture. As the head prepares to slip out of her velvety internal embrace, I pause, rocking my own hips slowly up and down, tracing my cock through her lips, drawing a groan from her as I bump her sensitized clit before plunging back into her. My gaze rests on full, tanned breasts, marveling at the dark skin there unmarred by tan lines. I watch as they quiver and undulate with each thrust, mesmerized by the rippling motion of the flesh there. Again and again, I slide myself out, teasing each of us with my hips’ motion, drawing my cock over her clit, her lips, her mound, before plunging back inside her, pausing as I feel myself fill her. Each heated thrust greets my cock with more moisture, more spasms of her internal muscles. Her hands knot in the sheets and her teeth clench as I lift her legs higher, feeling my hips slap against her ass with each thrust.

My own excitement growing, I look to her for acknowledgement, for her own wanton desire to complete this ritual. As our eyes meet, we each sense deep within the craving for a culmination of this act, an animalistic release from the growing strain of pleasure grasping us both. With this consent, I lean forward slightly, her legs over my shoulders, taking my weight upon my arms and beginning to drive downwards into her. Beneath us the bed groans in rhythm with the thrusts as I move faster, harder into her, my shoulders and neck tensing as the sensation along my cock grows with each penetration. I feel her beneath me, pounded by my thrusts, her breasts now rocking back and forth with the motion of our joined bodies. Each of us gives vent to vocal expressions of our growing pleasure, swearing, moaning, crying out as the pace quickens even more, the top of my cock grazing over her clit, sawing back and forth.

I feel a growing pressure deep within me, coalescing into a pending burst in my balls. Rising, I can sense the coming of my own orgasm only seconds before it explodes, overwhelming me. My eyes clamp shut, my head thrown back as a wolf-like snarl and growl emerge from my throat ‒ every nerve flares into hyper-awareness as I hear her cry out as well, my hips still pounding hers without direction from me anymore. As the white-hot flare of pleasure flashes past, I feel blackness overcome me and slip into the dark afterimages of such a massive release of emotion, energy and pleasure.

When I can finally open my eyes again, I momentarily panic, unaware of my surroundings. Swiftly, memory of the mind-shattering orgasm returns and I reach out, feeling her warm body curled back against mine, listening to the soft rhythm of her breathing, my now-relaxed cock nestled against the upper crevice of her ass. Realization of the heights we achieved slowly dawns on me as I come to believe this was no dream ‒ the dark-skinned beauty wrapped in my embrace is proof enough of this, as is the lingering smell of frantic sex in the air. With a gentle sigh, I lay my head back upon the pillow, breathing deep of her scent and nestling my lips against her back. I feel her wiggle slightly at the contact and then relax again into me and I close my eyes, content to bask in the warmth of our shared contact.

KitenWithAWhip 37F

4/2/2006 8:25 pm

*purrs in his ear* very nice sweetie.....just reading it makes me very excited! So when are we going to hook up?

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