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4/22/2006 6:39 am
Sexual Pleasure

My partner and I had been reading other peoples stories for some time; these always made me very, very wet and horny. My partner noticed that the ordinary 1 on 1 did not do a whole lot for me but when there were several hard cocks involved my desires went in to overtime.

We were away in an hotel one weekend, we had settled into our room and were relaxing on the first night so we went down to the bar to see who was in the hotel and if anything was happening, it was all very quiet so after a few drinks we went to our room for some good old fashioned sex. I love to feel a rock hard cock pounding in and out of my wet pussy.

On night two my partner left a bags of things on the bed for me, when I opened it there was a short loose skirt, with a zip from top to bottom, a nice blouse that was fastened with buttons, a mask to cover my eyes and a CD player with headphones. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said that I was to wear only what was in the bag, lie on the bed with the CD player going. He said he would be back in 30 minutes

I did what I was asked; my heart was pounding, as I could not hear any outside sounds, only those blasting my ears from the CD player. Sometime later I felt hot breathe on my cheek, this moved down to my bare legs, I could not feel anything else, only breath, hot, arousing, just below my very short skirt. I then felt a tongue gently rub across my lips, I assumed that it was my partner but could not be certain until I felt more of his body, any part, but something that would give me a clue.

I felt a hand hold my wrist and then tie it to the bed with a silk scarf, this was repeated on the other hand, my legs were tied with a bar between them to keep them open right up to my wet pussy.

The tongue was again felt on my face and this time it darted in and out of my mouth as I tried to kiss its owner, then next thing I felt was the buttons of my blouse being undone and my pert breasts being exposed, the left one was then sucked into a mouth and the tongue twirled all around the nipple which was now very erect, the mouth then moved down my body to the zipper on my skirt, I heard and felt it being slowly pulled down and the skirt falling from my body, to expose my nicely shaved pussy, (no underwear had been left in the bag) which was now positively leaking as all my senses were running wild.

A tongue then rubbed my clit and darted in my pussy, he must have tasted all my juices. I then felt a hard cock rub against my face and as it got close to my mouth I made a dive for it to get it all in, but it was pulled away only to come back again, this time it went into my mouth and I sucked it and sucked it, it was then pulled out, I could feel fingers around my pussy, playing with my clit, pushing in and out of my wet pussy.

I then felt the cock back against mouth my so I again took it and started sucking, I hesitated for a moment, this was not the same cock, it was smaller and had been circumcised, after my initial shock I thought, why not, so I continued to suck until that too was removed, at this time I new I had 2 people playing with me, I had hands all over my body and tongues licking my pussy. My mind was going mad trying to work out if it was just 2 men or was it more.

As a cock was placed in my mouth I realised that this was yet another, even though I was going mad with anticipation and my adrenaline was running I still new that this one was different from the others, in total I think I felt at least 5 different cocks in my mouth, and now they had started to put them into my pussy as well. My legs were lifted in the air and they were put on some shoulders, I felt the first one move between my legs and just touch the tip against my clit, he held it there before pushing his hard cock gently in until it could go no further, he made a few thrusts before removing it for the second hard cock and so on until they had all been inside me, each one that came out was then put in my mouth to suck.

I then felt my hands and feet being untied and thought to myself, that can’t be all I am getting, surely I have only had one orgasm and with all those cocks I would expect a lot more. I was not disappointed, the blindfold and CD player were removed and for the first time I saw 5 guys round me with rock hard cocks waiting to unload, one guy pulled me to the edge of the bed and standing between my legs which as before he put on his shoulders, he said "My name is Andrew", and with that he thrust his cock into my more than willing pussy, another guy called Will put his cock in my mouth, 2 more landed in each hand, one poor guy had to wait, his name was Gavin.

When Gavin did get in he put the others to shame, he was big, very big and he new what to do, mind you, it was wide enough to stretch me totally and put pressure on all my sensitive skin, the guy in my pussy pulled out and moved to my hand and the others all moved round, each guy had now been in my pussy and my mouth and they were all about to cum...

I could taste the pre cum on several of them, I had already cum several times, just the thought of all these cocks was getting me close to the edge, The guy in my pussy blurted out "I am going to cum", I said "not in me, on my tits on my body", I did not want them to cum inside me, not yet anyway, I wanted to see it all on my body, I was working hard on the 2 in my hand and the one in my mouth, the guy in my pussy suddenly pulled out and shot his cum up my stomach towards my breasts within a second or two the guy in my mouth (Mike) unloaded but he did not make any attempt to get out and I swallowed it all licking his cock clean with my tongue. My hands were still working 2 cocks; another one had been pushed into my pussy, all these guys spurted thick cum on my body, which I then rubbed into my skin.

The guys started to get hard again pretty quickly, they pushed me down on all fours with a cock pumping my pussy while I was again sucking cock, I felt a finger or two push into my arse, opening it up ready to be filled, the cock in my pussy suddenly started to pulsate and a shout came "can I cum inside you now" I said "yes, fuck me hard, just fuck me", I felt a rush of hot cum spurt high into my very wet and willing pussy, it was like a hose pipe being shot into a bottle, I could feel it on the sides, he held it there for a while thrusting in and out before letting it slide gently out, and as he did his cum followed and started to drip out, I did not get time to rest, he was replaced by a much harder and thicker cock, Gavin, I thought to myself I must see this, so I let go of the one in my mouth and turned round, it was indeed thick and I pushed back on him to ensure that it was all inserted, it felt as though it was going to come out of my mouth, it was that big.

I put the cock back in my mouth only to find yet another bedside it so I alternated between each. I then felt someone slide under me and start licking my clit, he must have been tasting all my juices plus the thick cum that was now dripping out, I was now in turmoil having one long oh so long orgasm, I wanted to collapse in a heap but knew I had to use all this meat. One of the two cocks in my mouth suddenly shot its load, on my face, so I quickly put my mouth round it to suck all the cum out of it, then I felt the cock in my pussy squirt as did the other one in my mouth, I was now dripping with cum everywhere, I was now very, very turned on. If someone had said before this that I would take multiple cocks I would have said, "no, I am not a slut" now I would say, "bring them on, the more the merrier".

The cock in my pussy pulled out and before I knew what was happening a cock was slowly pushed into my arse. I had only done this once before and new that it could be painful, but I felt no pain, my body was riding, with all the senses heightened. The cock in my arse was working away when a guy slid under me and proceeded to fuck my pussy in unison. I was feeling so much pleasure that I opened my mouth in ecstasy only to find it filled with another cock. I had only read about this, never before experiencing a cock in every hole. They all fucked me hard and again filled me with cum, I was full of cum in every orifice and loved it, I then heard one guy say to the one in my arse "get out of the way, it is my turn to fuck her", he pushed hard and I knew it was the thick cock, I could feel the difference, but I wanted him to continue, I wanted them all to continue, I wanted my hard cock, more cum, more orgasms.

We had been riding for hours and each guy had had me several times, my body was full of cum in my fanny, arse and mouth. When I stood up it was just running down my legs. The whole event was captured on video, which I was very pleased about as I only experienced the situation, I wanted to see it. As we watched it I could see that life was coming back to the spent cocks, my fanny was still throbbing from all the fucking and I did not know whether I could take any more but they did not wait to ask me, as I moved on the sofa my legs were spread apart and a cock slid in again. Once in I loved it and wanted more.

That was my first multiple partner experience and I hope to repeat it, soon. Maybe with a masked party theme, where nobody knows who they have been fucking.

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