Women -what i love!!!  

Corkboy30 42M
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12/5/2005 4:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Women -what i love!!!

I've always had a fasination with the female body. Some of you might think this is strange seeing as i'm looking for a guy on here. I still d and i hope i always will enjoy a womans body. From legs, to ass, to tits every woman is different but most if not all are beautiful. Theres nothing like seeing the ripple of a womans ass as you fuck her doggystyle or the bouncing of her tits as she sits astride your cock. For me though its the expression on a womans face as she orgasms and the noise she makes as you give her ultimate pleasure. No doubt some of you say the same about a guy when he comes and hopefully i'll experience that myself one day.
I guess we've all had a partner who made little or no noise even when her orgasm hit. This worried me about a girl i was seeing some years ago and when i mentioned it to her she said it was because she grew up having orgasms in the bedroom next to her parents and she didnt know any different. Man it was hard to change the way she behaved when having an orgasm.
I always like it when a woman lets you know she likes what you are doing. I love watching a womans face as she orgasms. The scrunching of the face, the contorting of the mouth as her orgasm rips through her. My last girlfriend was extremely sensitive post orgasm, i know most women are but she took it to another level. The slightest touch anywhere close to her clit and she would be gasping and begging for me to stop. Sometimes i would and we would lie side by side her head on my chest, her purring in contentment.
Other times i would continue to stimulate her and the combined look of pleasure and pain would have my cock throbbing in no time. She would orgasm repeatedly from this and as much and all as she wanted me to stop she wanted me to continue just as much. Her contorted facial expressions as she came again and again were intense. I wish more of the women i have been with were like her because its always a major turn on for me hearing and seeing a woman express herself as she cums.
Thoughts anyone????

Magenta693 42F

12/18/2005 1:10 am

Thats cool you have been with woman. And I see nothing wrong having fancied another guy. Alot of woman do but don't mention because people are stereo typed. Yours is a curiousity you want to know. I always wondered what it would be like to lick another woman pussy, I have had it done to me. Just scared about doing it but I do want to try one day. Well good luck on your search.

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