If you won the euromillions lottery!!!!!!!!!!  

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1/8/2006 4:47 pm

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If you won the euromillions lottery!!!!!!!!!!

Saw an ad on tv the other night for the Euromillions lottery and the first prize was 90 million euro. Now it got me to thinking, what would i do if i won that much money. Is it possible to spend that kind of money? What would the interest be on 90 million?? Would you give some away to charity, if so how much??? How much would you give to your family???? So i decided........

1. Pay off all my close families debts, plus 1 million each to my immediate family.

2. Buy 15/20 acres/hectares land and build a mansion of a house, pool, courts, cars etc.

3. Travel for a year while the house is being built, Australia, Usa, South America, Europe.

4. Invest 25 million let it build itself up even more, nothing risky, safe investment.

5. Give 5 million to an exstensive list of charities, Irish charities to start with and then international charities.

Got stuck after these five things, no doubt fast cars etc, would all come into the equation too but couldn't think of anything else.
What about you what would you do with this kind of money????

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