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You know when you can see an accident about to happen but there's nothing to be done about it and all you can do is sit and watch?

Well there was this girl, red hair bouncing about her head, smiling across the pool at her fiancé, who was trying to tell her to watch out for the old guy behind her. The old guy was sitting in a deck chair, his belly hair gray and sparsely covering rolls of white fat, his head tilted in question, but his eyes were sharp and I saw his wrinkled old hand lift in readiness. The girl was walking slowly backwards, passing the chair I was sitting in and still smiling back at her fiancé, still trying to understand what he was saying when her leg collided with the old guy's chair and suddenly she was in his lap.

He would have been about seventy. And his face was dissected with this huge grin. And his eyes changed, the sharpness fading and there seemed to be this shocked innocence overcome them. But I knew! And his hand shakily lifted beneath the girls arm.

She was wearing one of those thin, half length tank tops, the kind that ended just below her breasts and fitted only loosely with the soft fabric pointed at her nipples and from beneath it was open and all you needed was for her to bend over... And while she was trying to recover her balance and dignity, the old guys hand slipped up her side, his thumb extending up beneath the little pink top.

I mean, you can get away with anything at that age, and he knew it. He seemed all confused and frightened but his thumb deliberately searched up to her young titty. And I watched his eyes roll and that sharpness flicker again as her fingers tucked beneath his hand and she tried to politely pry the wrinkled old thing off of her skin.

It was great to see the old guy copping a feel though. What, he would have been old enough to be her grandfather easily and how long would it have been since his last little fondle of something as sweet as that? I just felt for him, his big, silly grin warming my heart, and the feigned confusion in his eyes as he groped at the girl sending a little tingle down through my swimmers. And she'd managed to slip from his lap and sat on the edge of his deck chair for a moment apologizing and he tried to check that he hadn't actually hurt her, his old hand lifting and she caught his wrist as his fingers neared her tit again.

I watched closely then and saw her glance back to where her fiancé was sitting but he'd turned over onto his front and wasn't looking, and I saw her lips curl slightly upward at the corners as she let the old guy's arm go and leant forward. "Are you sure you're okay?" she was asking, patting his chest softly and her cheeks reddened as his hand lifted, this time covering her tit and her eyes closed for a few seconds, her chest lifting as she drew a breath.

He just gently fondled her. And that sharpness returned to his baby blues as she turned to check on her man again and as her fingers gently folded around his wrist in readiness to stop him. But she didn't stop him right away; she just peered around to be sure no one was watching while the old guy felt her up, her eyes closing again as he slipped his hand beneath her little top.

There was a vacant deck chair between them and me and a hedge almost enclosing the three chairs so it was fairly private and I held my magazine so I could watch unnoticed.

The old guy's hand squeezed, his gnarled old fingers kneading her soft little tit. I could just see the underside of one of them as his fingers pressed into it.

"Not too rough..." I heard her whisper and she smiled down at him then checked back over her shoulder to where her fiancé was. She turned back to watch then, her eyes lowering to the old guy's face as he felt further beneath her top, cupping her other breast, his fingers lifting beneath it and lightly pinching the nipple and she arched her back, pressing her chest forward and pushing her young titie against his hand.

Her top had lifted with the action of the old guys hand beneath it and I could see both of her tits poking out the bottom, my gaze roving lower as she stood, her knees involuntarily straying as she gained balance and I caught a flash of her little blue panties beneath the short wrap around skirt she was wearing.

"Are you okay?" she asked softly, and leant over the old guy to straighten a cushion that had slipped from behind his head and her little top gaped well clear of her tits.

I had a good view then, the fabric drooping below and I could see both breasts clearly, the milky white roundness of them quite firm, and the hard little nipples pointing from dark areola.

The old guy was staring up at them too, and while she fixed his cushion he reached up and felt one of them again, her eyes closing and she held the back of his chair for another moment while he plucked at her nipple then moved to cover her other tit. Her knee was resting on the edge of his deck chair and his other hand moved to the inside of her thigh, lifting sharply, and she quickly looked back over her shoulder, checking on her fiancé while the old guy's hand groped at her panties and she waited just a few more seconds, her legs parted slightly and his hand feeling up between them. I saw her eyes close again too, and her legs opened a little further as she drew a sharp breath and braced, her hand clutching at his wrist. And she opened her eyes, expelling slowly, her lips parting and her eyes widening suddenly as the old guy's hand lifted firmly between her legs and I think he actually had a finger up her. Her hand closed around his wrist and she urgently peered back over her shoulder again, her eyes fearful, and the old guy's hand was moving back and forth steadily but finally pushed away from him, bending to hold back his hands and I saw how her little blue panties were scrunched to one side, and I could see the pink lip of her slit exposed where he'd been feeling her.

"No..." she said softly, smiling and holding his hand away as he tried to reach for her crotch again and I saw from behind that her finger slipped beneath the elastic between her legs and straighten it to cover over her little pussy. But the thin blue fabric was quite damp.

I was the assistant manager of the hotel, having a day off and relaxing by the pool. I'd seen the young couple around for a few days and picked up that they were on vacation and engaged to be married, and they seemed to be close enough. I was a little surprised, but I guessed it had been something unexpected and the old guy was pretty smooth. I glanced over at him again; resting back with a big smile, his eyes closed.

The girl passed again before long, returning from the bar and she looked down at the old guy before catching my eyes and we exchanged a nod. She probably recognized me, I imagined. And I was quite sure she hadn't noticed me watching her with the old guy. There was nothing in her expression, just a hello.

I laid back and dosed off for a while, waking as the sun was setting and I hurriedly ate and dressed for work. Tending bar that night in the hotel restaurant though, I found myself searching for the young couple and my heart quickened when they arrived and stood waiting to be seated. I quickly slipped from behind the bar, cutting in front of Eric the waiter, and ushering them to a table in full view of the bar. I held the chair facing the bar for the girl too and she gave me a little smile as she sat, my eyes flashing down to her cleavage, and she noticed. She was wearing a pretty summer dress with no bra and her cheeks reddened a little when I again looked down at her chest.

I gave their drink orders to Eric and returned to my post, happy with the fact that it was a quiet night, and I spent plenty of time down that end of the bar, being caught watching on enough occasions to be fairly obvious, and I think she enjoyed my attention. I noticed Eric hovering above her a fair bit too, and I also noticed that she would lean forward each time he approached.

Eric was about thirty I suppose, and always on the look out for a pretty, young girl to perv on and one time, while the guy was in the gent's and Eric was straightening her table, I caught her eyes and her blush. She knew he was looking down her dress, and that I had noticed. And I waited for Eric to leave before approaching with another bottle of wine and stood beside her opening it. She didn't look up. She just remained leaning forward, her shoulders dropping slightly and her dress gaping; her cheeks reddening as I pressed against her arm, the head of my semi-firm cock poking into her, and she looked away while I examined her sweet young titie. I could see one of them, the thin cotton dress gaping well clear of it.

"Can I get you anything else miss?" I asked, leaning and touching her shoulder and she looked up at me then, our eyes meeting, but I glanced back down at her breasts and her eyes lowered quickly.

"No thanks..." she uttered feebly.

And I reached down, slipping my hand beneath the strap over her shoulder and still further until my big hand covered her sweet young breast. "I saw you with that old guy at the pool today..." I whispered, leaning close to her hair.

I felt her eyes peering up at me then, but I was checking to be sure no one watching and I felt her hand close over my wrist but only lightly and I softly pinched her nipple as I looked back down to meet her eyes. "Is this okay?" I whispered and she nodded, her lips parting and I lowered to them, kissing her softly.

"Don't..." she uttered then, pushing at my chest, and her fiancé stepped from the toilet door.

He nodded agreeably as he took his seat and I said hello to him and started a conversation and before long Eric had joined in too. The girl sat quietly listening, her folded arms eventually relaxing as we settled in. I'd waved another guy over to tend the bar and with only a few customers, Eric was free to stop and be sociable as well. We were having a good chat and joined the young couple in a few drinks, the girl becoming more relaxed after a while and finally she sat forward again, resting her arms on the table and her little dress gaped, her cheeks reddening as I leant closer and had a look, and before long Eric was leaning close to her other shoulder.

Her breasts were small and firm, her nipples erect and the fabric of her dress gaped well clear of them. I slipped my hand down to my knee and lightly touched her leg with a finger, just brushing softly in acknowledgment of her display and she glanced up at me briefly so I leant forward and placed my hand on her thigh.

It was warm and smooth, her muscles tensing at first but soon relaxing and I pressed my fingers firmly around the inner of her thigh, massaging and working upward until I could feel the hem of her dress.

The guy was raving on about yachting or something; expanding colorfully on some adventure on The Bay, wherever that was. But his girlfriend's legs were quivering. I could feel her other thigh against the back of my hand and it seemed to be softly vibrating so I worked further, feeling her heat and I extended a finger, just brushing the warm fabric between her legs and her hand suddenly closed around my wrist.

"What is it Love?" the guy asked her.

"Nothing..." she replied, manufacturing a smile and her legs clamped together.

Her fiancé believed her, shrugging and saying he had to go again, then he staggered off towards the gent's.

"Don't!" the girl complained, pushing at my wrist and Eric leant down to have a look so I groped forward, my fingers cutting into her wet little slit, pressing her panties up into it and I felt for the edge of them, pealing them aside and her eyes closed then opened wide. "Stop it..." she uttered meekly but the fluid gushed from her as I fingered up between her hot little lips, and her legs parted as she braced against the back of her chair, her hips rolling and she peered from me to Eric and back again. Her eyes fearful but she gripped the edges of the table, and Eric checked around before he reached up beneath her arm and started feeling her tits.

Her eyes closed then and I slowed my action, gently parting her labia and massaging the soft inner-folds of her dripping little flower. And I could feel every movement of her body in my fingertips as I worked it steadily.

"But not... here..." she uttered, peering at me submissively but her back had arched and she was open and I dipped a little deeper, cutting upward and spreading her hot lubricant beneath the hood covering her little bud, circling it and then sliding my fingers deep inside of her again. And I fucked her with them, drawing them slowly and then pushing them firmly up inside of her and she held herself up, her legs apart, her hips braced, her cunt open, and her breath catching as she bit at her bottom lip, shuddering, and then her breath escaped in shallow pants as she tensed and I felt the flesh around my fingers begin to contract and pulse. She was close. Her eyes were tightly closed, her body hot and quivering. I toyed with her for a few seconds then speared two fingers back up inside of her again. And she bore down that time, sitting on my hand and grinding her swollen bud against the calloused joints at the base of my fingers, her juices flowing onto the palm of my hand as Eric firmly kneaded her tit and continued to watch for anyone who might approach.

She took her fiancé straight up to their room when he finally returned and Eric and I closed up the restaurant before following. Their room was in darkness when I knocked on the door and she took a minute to answer.

"What?" she asked, checking back over her shoulder.

Her hair was wet and she smelt beautiful.

"Can we come in?" I whispered, peering around the door and stepping halfway through.

She stepped behind the door and opened it a little further, "but you have to be quiet..." she whispered.

She was wearing a t-shirt with nothing beneath it, her nipples poking at the thin material. She took my hand and Eric followed into the lounge area. Her fiancé was asleep on the bed and she left us to quietly close the door then returned and switched on a lamp next to the lounge. She turned to us both then, stepping between us and her soft little hands folded beneath the front of each of our shirts. She didn't look up... "you can both fuck me if you want," she uttered sweetly.

Eric shouldered in front of me then, his arm extending around the girl and cutting me out cold. I grabbed his collar and reefed him backwards, sending him sprawling onto the lounge. He bounced up and his big hand thumped against my chest, his eyes wide and glaring directly into mine. I took his shove in the chest and fronted right back up to him. "Come on!" I growled, low and confident and I held his eyes. They flashed to the girl and back again, diverting a second time and then holding again. And he swallowed dryly then looked away again.

"See if there's a beer in the kitchen mate," I directed and claimed the girl's arm, pulling her to my side.

Eric turned and left us and I grabbed her cunt. It was wet and I bent to her lips while I felt up inside of her, smearing her juice and rubbing it into the lips of her little slit in readiness for my cock. It was throbbing, rigid and absolutely throbbing, and I gently laid her back on the lounge, lifted her t-shirt over her head, lowered to her, and pushed it fully up her tight little pussy.

Her legs folded around me and I started fucking her. Her mouth open, her teeth cutting into my shoulder, her nails digging into my back and I pounded her. She was hot and saturated, my balls dripping, and I drove up between her legs, rooting her, pumping my thick, seven inch cock in and out then holding and humping with my hips while she writhed and squirmed, splitting herself open over my surging manhood, impaling herself upon it, and suddenly she began to pant and moan, her body tensing and she clung to me, every inch of her glued to me and she started shuddering, the muscles in her cunt contracting, gripping my cock and milking it, and I drove up into her and held, my balls lifting and a wave of ecstasy flittered through every muscle in my body, shuddering through my entire being and converging upon the base of my rigid cock then bursting up along my shaft and flooding up into her womb.

I laid there. Her legs were limp and I slowly rooted her sloppy little hole, semen still leaking from my cock, her tits wet with sweat and slipping upon my chest, my hands in her hair, holding her down, holding her still while I finished rooting her. I could see Eric's shadow over by the kitchen door but I was still hard and I felt a tingle flitter along my shaft. I wanted more! I just slowly rooted her, humping with my hips and soon I was fully erect again. She was kissing my shoulder, her warm lips soft and inviting and I drove up into her again. "Ah ha..." she moaned, her back arching up off the lounge and her legs spreading wide but her tongue was pressing into my flesh, licking my sweat and I pulled out and lunged up over her, driving my cock into her face and holding while she sucked it, her lips slipping over the head and her tongue lashing forth then she opened her mouth and I started fucking it. I gripped her head and fucked her mouth, rolling my hips and driving her head back into the lounge cushion, her sweet lips tight around my cock and I rooted them, my second load welling and suddenly it erupted, my hot sperm shooting down the young girls throat, her eyes wide and glaring up at me and I braced above her while she cleaned me, sucking the last drops of sperm from my dick then licking down my shaft, her hot lips opening to suck the slop from my balls and I waited until she'd thoroughly cleaned me before getting up.

"What's your name sweetheart?" I asked.


I kissed her forehead then went to the kitchen to get a drink. There was beer in the fridge and I opened one and sat at the table, looking over after a moment to see Eric laying on top of young miss Gabrielle, her legs spread either side of him, and his butt rooting urgently between them, her chin bumping upon his shoulder and her eyes resting upon mine...

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