Yay drunk people...  

CollegeGuyTall 34M
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7/20/2006 9:53 pm
Yay drunk people...

So I was woken up last night by a loud thump-crash right outside my room. Apparantly my neighbor, who is a huge pimp btw, was throwing a big shindig. Some of the more intoxicated riff raff had managed to wander over onto my property and were tripping about shit around my house. I had my roomie run out the garage door hoping to have them run around the side of the house where I was going to tackle drunk people. That diddnt work, they ran the wrong way.

On another note, I have been really horny lately, more so than usual. I found myself masturbating three times yesterday, and probably will tonight also. I dont know if its environmental factors or what that are contributing to my hornyness, but something is sure driving me crazy. When I am this horny, I find that I have cybersex a bit more. I dont really get much out of cybersex in generral, but when this happens to me, it just seems that my interests shift, and I enjoy it more.

Even as I write this, I can feel a tingle between my legs, and a bit of swelling going on. Also, I have a LOT of precum, and occasionally it gets to the point where it just keeps comming and shows a little wetspot. That has been happening to me today. I almost masturbated at work, it was bad. If someone knows a reason why this happens, you should tell me, because while it feels amazing, it can get in the way a bit, like when I am supposed to be thinking about work, and all I want to do is masturbate...


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