CollegeGuyTall 34M
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7/23/2006 8:58 pm

Well I went boating today with my boss Matt. Despite hitting some pretty choppy water just off coast, I had a blast. We headed for the San Juans hopeing to find a place to dock and get out onto the islands. It was really crowded so we just stayed on the boat and ate lunch. I put on a decent amount of sunscreen but still managed to burn myself..

On another note, I would have posted last night, but by the time I stopped watching my movie, it was already 12:30 and I needed to get to bed. I saw this really hot girl masturbating on her cam before I went to bed, so that was entertaining for a bit, but still, I was pretty tired.

Well this is gonna be a pretty short post, I will probably have more for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.


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