The Alcohol Debacle  

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11/6/2005 10:39 pm

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The Alcohol Debacle

So, work takes me to Virginia Beach...a place I've visited many times and happen to be very familiar with. I like my VA Beach trips, because I've been here enough to enjoy it as a nonresident "local." Places are always better when your not a tourist.

As I sat chatting with a friend, I noticed a young lady that walked in the bar. Yes, I was checking her out.....not leering, I'm tactful about it. Yes, she noticed.....and seemed to be quite all right with it. BUT, neither of us initiated anything at that point. We exchanged several glances over the next 20 minutes. I wasn't exactly looking to meet anyone, but I decided I would get her number before I took off. Then, she headed my way.

Okay, I dig it. I like a woman that will approach me. I dig a woman that will go after something she wants. She walks up.........and FREEZES! I looked her in the eyes and waited for her to speak. Then, I watched as the nervous frenzy that came over her began to fluster her. She blurted, "How were your chicken wings?" And without waiting for anything out of me, she turned and bolted. Bolted includes leaving the bar, friends and all.

I returned to my conversation and pretty much disregarded the strange interaction until about two hours later when she returned to the bar. She spotted me on the way in and made a b-line to me. What followed turned her earlier cutely embarrassing moment into a graceful ballet.

She walked up. I turned my full body to face her and hopefully make myself seem a little more inviting. It must have worked. She put both hands on my knees and slid them up my thighs until her thumbs rested comfortably against my crotch. She leaned forward, licked my neck, and said, "I want you to eat me the way you ate those chicken fingers." Her side of the dialogue that followed rivaled some of the most risque speech I've ever heard. She subsequently got sick on the bar and fell several times trying to maneuver the fairly simple floorplan of the bar. Needless to say, I passed on her invitation to join her at her place.

I guess the point of all this is the drastic difference between what seemed like a nice, pretty woman and the later drunken example of bad judgement and irresponsibility. I've run into many women that were forward while drinking, but I've always made a point to defer any intimate contact to a time when they have better control of their inhibitions. Call me crazy, but I like to know that it's more than the alcohol that made it happen.

I'm sure I'm not the only guy that sees this type behavior. I hope I'm not the only one that defers to more sober times. But I'm more curious about the feminine perspective on this. SO, any ladies that have some useful (or even useless) comments or thoughts, please feel free to add some enlightenment!

Good times!

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